The ABC News journalist that everyone adores that is Ron Claiborne. This dark toned handsome man is just the dream of many women out there who wish to marry him.

Will it come true? Only if Ron Claiborne is not married, but you don’t know anything about his personal life – yet!

If you want to know if Ron Claiborne is married with a family, know it all here.

Is ABC Ron Claiborne Married? Wife, Family (Personal Life)

 Everybody wants to know about Ron Claiborne, about his married life and there is nothing wrong with that. It is natural people want to know about their favorite media personality; especially when he is as good looking as Ron Claiborne.

Ron Claiborne is not married and does not have a wife – yet! While no past relationship detail are known about Ron Claiborne, he seems to be searching for love now. Thanks to one of his fans, he knows who his soul mate is.

In late September 2011, ABC News had a different idea of connecting with their viewers. They decided to set a toll free number in which their viewers could call and request a chat with the anchors they fancied.

Naturally, Ron also got a fan named Larry. At first, Larry confused Ron with someone named Dave. Upon clearing the confusion, Larry went on straight to ask Ron Claiborne. Ron answered “Leo” and Larry started to tell Ron how he should run everything and shine, which in reality, Ron does.

Larry went on to say that according to Ron’s zodiac sign, his soulmate is an Aquarius. He also asked if he was married. Ron replied saying that he isn’t married and that he will make sure to look for an Aquarius.

Now, all the ladies out there, if you are an Aquarius, this bumps up your chance of getting married to Ron Claiborne and being his wife and possibly have a family. However, there seems to be a dilemma here. There have been rumors that Ron Claiborne is a gay man.

Ron Claiborne, Gay?

As bizarre as it may sound, there have been talks that Ron Claiborne is a gay man and shares the LGBT community. This is, however, the result of his obscure personal life. The fact that he is not married yet also adds up to this rumor.

While Ron keeps her personal life under the wraps, the gay rumors cannot be true as Ron has not confirmed it yet. He has not talked about dating someone of the same sex or having a boyfriend in the past.

As far as privacy goes, he has made sure that all the personal life affairs stay out of people’s reach; apart from the fact that he is single and who know, ready to mingle.

How Old Is Ron Claiborne? Age, Bio, Salary, Net Worth

ABC network's famous personality Ron Claiborne was born on August 20, 1953, in San Francisco, California and is currently of age 65. He attended Yale University in 1970 and graduated with a degree in BA and Psychology in 1974.

Later he went on to join the Columbia University – Graduate School of Journalism in 1974 and graduated with MS and Journalism.

Having very outstanding academics, Ron joined the ABC Network in 1986 as a correspondent. He then took the responsibility of a news reader in 2004.

In September of 2018, Ron retired from ABC Network and Good Morning America after over three decades of service. Along his time, Ron surely made himself a fortune. While his salary is not explicitly revealed, he has an estimated net worth of over $5 million.

The fact that Ron has not confirmed his net worth to be $5 million still counts, and until then the net worth fact remains questionable.