Toni Yates, for the most part, is the heartstring. People have a huge crush on her; not only because of her looks (which are killer) but also because of the charm that she puts on while doing her job.

For someone who likes to talk on various subjects, she keeps quiet regarding her personal life. However, with a little digging, here are all the things that you should know about Toni Yates.

Toni Yates Personal Life: Married, Husband

Multiple tabloids claim that Toni Yates has a partner. But what they do not know is that she is already engaged as well.

Yes, Toni is engaged to get married and sorry men, you have no chance with her.

Toni Yates is engaged to a handsome looking man named Quin Martin. To talk more about Quin Martin, he is a New York-based professional.

Toni Yates and fiance Quin Martin
Toni Yates and fiance Quin Martin.(

The couple married most recently, and according to Toni herself, Quin made her father cry when he asked for his permission to marry her.

Both the adults previously had other relationships that failed. Both of them also have multiple kids. Toni and Quin got engaged most recently in 2018, and their family is joined together.

Who Is Toni Yates Husband-To-Be Quin Martin?

Quin Martin is a Connecticut native who studied at the Daycroft High School and later joined Bucknell University for further studies.

After graduating from University, Quin went on and joined the Georgetown University Law Center from where he received his Juris Doctrine.

Quin’s career started as a professor at the Carlow College back in 1996 and has worked extensively in other institutions as well.

Quin is also a former U.S Army Jag Officer who currently works as a President at QH Associates and also serves as a VP & General Counsel at Direct Traffic Solutions.

Toni Yates Family: Son and Daughters

As mentioned earlier, Toni Yates has a family, and she looks after it very religiously. Yates has two daughters and one son.

Names of her two daughters are Alexis Naomi Fennel, Sarah Austyn Fennel, and Gabriel Wendell Harvey.

Toni Yates (Far-left) and three daughters. Youngest is Quin's daughters.
Toni Yates (Far-left) and three daughters. Youngest is Quin's daughters. (

Her two daughters are from one relationship and her son if from the other. Unfortunately, Yates keeps quiet of those relationships.

Toni-Yates' fiance Quin Martin (Middle) and two sons.
Toni-Yates' fiance Quin Martin (Middle) and two sons. (

On the other hand, Toni’s fiancé, Quin Martin also has on son and one daughter. Toni loves Quin’s children very much as well and thanks Martin for bringing them in her life.

Toni Yates Bio, Career, Net Worth

Famous reporter Toni Yates was born on November 29, 1963, in Jacksonville, Florida. As of now, Toni Yates is 56 years old.

Even at the age of 56, Toni Yates maintains a stunningly hot body figure. People are always amazed to see her always glowing and showing off her immaculate measurements as she stands at an amazing height of over 5 feet 5 inches.

Yates studied at the Bishop Kenny High school and later graduated from Florida State University with a major in Communications.

Yates started out as a reporter for WTOC network and later joined the WSAV network as a weekend co-anchor. As of now, Yates serves as a reporter for ABC7 News. Yates also has a very impressive salary at ABC7 which easily crosses six figures annually.