Appearing in the movie Lucy as a police officer, Amr Waked grasped everyone’s attention. Later, he appeared in another movie called Geostorm, and people wanted to learn more about this man.

Here’s everything that you should know about Amr Waked. From his personal life, marriage, wife, to career.

Amr Waked Bio, Age, Background

Appearing in Hollywood movies, Amr Waked was born on April 12, 1973, in Cairo, Egypt. At the moment, Waked is 47 years old. 

Born in Egypt, Waked shares Egyptian nationality and travels to the states and other places during work. 

Amr grew up in Egypt and got an education from his local school. Afterward, Amr went and joined the AUC or also known as The American University in Cairo.

At the moment, Amr lives in Spain with his lovely wife. 

Amr Waked Personal Life, Wife, Married

Yes, you heard it right. He lives currently in Spain with his wife. 

Amr Waked is married, and his wife is a very beautiful and equally talented actress and former beauty pageant titleholder. 

So, you may be wondering who Waked’s wife is.

Amr Waked’s wife’s name is Sarah Shahin, a model, and an actress. Born on August 10, 1983, Sarah is 36 years old now. 

Amr Waked and wife Sarah Shahin
Amr Waked and wife Sarah Shahin

That said, Amr and Sarah have a decade in age difference. Shahin won the 2001 Miss Egypt pageant competition and began her modeling career. 

Apart from that, Sarah has worked as an actress in movies like Al Hafla and El Ott. 

At the moment, Waked and Shahin does not have any children, but they do have a dog, and they all live together.

Amr Waked Career, Movies

During their initial days, Amr began his acting career in theaters. The first time he performed on stage was in 1992, in Afreet Hamza We Fatma. Since then, Waked has appeared in plays like Tales From Agabad, The Bus, Shabab Rewish Than, and more. 

Amr also appeared in movies like Men Nazret Ain, Khalty Faransa, and others. However, his Hollywood appearances attracted major attraction to his career.

In 2009, Amr appeared in the movie The Traveller, and later, in 2014, he appeared in Lucy as a police officer. 

Apart from Lucy, Amr also appeared in Geostorm, a movie starring famous actor Gerard Butler.

At the moment, Amr appears in Wonder Woman 1984 set to premiere in theatres in 2020. 

Apart from acting, Amr has also worked as a producer and director for movies like El Ott, Women from the South, and Wadaa Helmak.

According to his Twitter bio, Amr also recognizes himself as a musician.

Amr Waked Jail Sentences

Back in 2019, Amr began supporting a public protest that stands against the ways of the Sisi Regime in Egypt. The actor took it to the streets, joining other protesters criticizing President Sisi's regime over the country. 

Later came the news that the regime has convicted Amr of publishing fake news and insulting state institutions and sentenced him to jail time of a total of eight years. 

However, Amr remains out of jail at the moment because the sentence, as per his words aren't ratified yet.

In a most recent event, the Egyptian court has sentenced Amr six months of jail time because Waked allegedly evaded the state taxes. The court issued its statement along with a LE10,000 bail which equivalents to roughly US $650.