With over 100 credits in several movies and TV shows, Gary Weeks is one of the most talented actors and directors in Hollywood at the moment. 

While he comes into frame often, there’s very little that people know about his personal life. 

Let’s change that today.

Gary Weeks Bio, Age, Family, Background

The Rampage actor Gary Weeks was born on June 4, 1972, in Wiesbaden, Germany. At the moment, Gary is 48 years old.

Born in Germany, when it comes to nationality, Gary is a German. However, shortly after birth, Gary and his parents moved to the United States.

Also, Gary was born in the U.S. airbase in Germany. 

After arriving in the United States, the Weeks family began living in Georgia and, Gary spent most of his childhood there as well.

While growing up, Gary went to the local high school and later went to The University of Georgia, followed by Georgia State University. 

During high school days, Gary also played sports like football, baseball, and basketball. Weeks became so good at baseball that he went and reached the state playoffs twice in Varsity Baseball.

Weeks also became an All-State Football player as well during high school. That’s not all uncommon for a man of 5.10 ft height.

Gary Weeks Personal Life, Married – Who Is His Wife?

Gary Weeks’ personal life comes off as a mystery to many people and rightly so. The multi-talented personal has always kept his personal life pretty private.

Moreover, Gary also doesn’t remain so much active on social media platforms.

However, here are some of the most unknown and exclusive facts about Gary’s personal life. 

Gary Weeks is married and, his wife’s name is Jessica Weeks. That’s right people, this Spider-man actor is married, and he also has a family as well.

First, let’s learn who wife Jessica Weeks is. Jessica Weeks graduated from The University of Georgia in 1999. Given the fact that Gary also attended the same university, it’s highly likely that they met at the university. But this remains unconfirmed.

Jessica has worked many reputed jobs over the years and at, the moment, serves as a Sr. Client Partner at Twitter.

Gary Weeks and Jessica Weeks Family

Gary and Jessica have their little family already. At the moment, the Weeks couple have two children, both sons. 

Gary Weeks with wife and children.
Gary Weeks with wife Jessica Weeks and children. (facebook.com)

Both of their sons were born in the United States and, hence, both are American by nationality.

Gary Weeks Career, Net Worth

Insurance actor Gary Weeks began his acting career with Major League: Back to the Minors back in 1998. 

Since then, he has appeared in a plethora of movies so far. Weeks has worked as an actor in Passions, CSI: Miami, The Office, Days of Our Lives, The Walking Dead, Greenleaf, The Inspectors, Rampage, and so on.

During his acting career, Gary also showcased his skills as a producer and director. 

Most recently, Gary appears in a movie called Greenland starring Gerard Butler.

Working in so many movies and TV shows so far, Gary has a pretty hefty net worth. In an interview, Weeks stated that he isn’t on Denzel Washington’s level in the $40 million range but, acting helps him make a living.

Weeks also mentioned that he’s grateful for it.