James Scully, the Heather actor, is an absolute heartthrob, but many people are unaware of his personal life.

If you are not already familiar with this amazing actor’s personal life, then don’t worry, we have you covered.

For anyone looking to find who his girlfriend is, this comes as a pure shock to them. Read along for all James Scully details.

 James Scully Has Girlfriend?

This question seems to linger on every girl’s head as they always ask this question and try to figure out if James Scully has a girlfriend or not.

In the show “Heather” he does have a girlfriend, and her name is Veronica originally portrayed by talented actress Grace Victoria Cox.

Now, this got suspicious when we dug deeper and found Victoria comment on one of James’ picture on Instagram. 

She literally said that James is the hottest person that she has ever kissed or touched. Are they dating?

Well, don’t jump down to conclusions so fast because James and Victoria are not dating; not at least in real life.

Want to why?

Because James Scully is a gay man, regardless of how much it hurts you, this is the truth.

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James Scully Is Gay

Yeah, ladies, James Scully is officially out of the market for you and that too forever.

In a very uplifting yet emotional post on June 24, 2018, James Scully posted a picture in which he painted his face with rainbow colors.

James Scully gay post on Instagram.
James Scully gay post on Instagram. (Instagram.com)

In that picture, James talked about how gay people or anybody from the LGBT community can now wear face paint and become themselves.

He also acknowledged how many people fought and even died so that he, as a future generation, could celebrate this day of love for everyone.

James ended the caption with hashtags #pride #loveislove #happy

Who Is James Scully Boyfriend?

Well, James already shattered many girls’ hearts out there. Now, are they going to suffer more?

At the moment, James Scully seems to be single, and by the looks of it, this 9-1-1 star seems in no mood to be dating anyone.

When going through his social media account, there are no pictures that reflect intimacy between him and another man. All pictures look very casual, and most often than not, he only seems to have a good time with friends.

At the moment, he is very busy with his career building process, and this brings us to talk about his background.

James Scully Bio, Age

American actor James Scully was born in 1991 in San Antonio, Texas. James is currently 29 years old. James has two older siblings. The family moved to England shortly after James was born because his father was in the Air Force and got a transfer there.

After spending about five years in England, the whole family came back to the states again. As a young kid, James always had a knack for acting and TV.

He attended the North East School of the Arts and later enrolled at the Otterbein University. After graduating in Fine Arts, James pursued a career as a full-time actor. He started working in Broadway shows and slowly made his way in the industry.

Net Worth

James made his first TV debut in 2016 with Sublets as a party guest. Then he got the role of Tate in Quantico in 2017.

2018 turned out to be a breakthrough year for James as he bagged roles in two famous TV series. He started appearing as Jason Dean, also known as JD, the main character in the TV series “Heather.”

He also appeared in 9-1-1 as Travis. James most recently appears in “You” as Forty Quinn.

Currently, James’ net worth remains under review. He is still working on his career and the way up.