LA-based comedian and artist alike, Whitmer Thomas is a household name for all the comedy lovers out there.

This young man is as talented as he is good looking and loves what he does as well. Now, Whitmer is pretty open about everything in his life.

Taking that to our advantage, let’s talk more about his personal life, dating affair, and girlfriend. 

Whitmer Thomas Age, Bio

The very young and talented actor Whitmer Thomas was born on May 4, 1988, in the United States of America.

At the moment, Whitmer Thomas is 32 years old.

Whitmer is American by nationality and shares white ethnicity. 

Thomas often mentions his late mother, Jenny, and sometimes make humorous tweet as well. However, he dearly loves the memory of his mother, which shows on his Mother’s Day posts. 

Thomas’s father’s name is Whit, and he also has a brother named Johnny.

Whitmer Thomas Personal Life, Girlfriend: Mitra Jouhari

That is right, Whitmer is dating someone in his field, and that is something everyone loves as well. 

Because both Whitmer and his girlfriend are in the comic industry, they are extremely funny as well. 

Now enough about their traits. 

Meet Mitra Jouhari, Whitmer Thomas’ girlfriend. 

Mitra Jouhari is a Persian-American comedian, actress, and writer as well who currently works on a show called The Three Debras.

Jouhari is 27 years old and was born to a Persian father and an American mother.

Talking about Thomas and Jouhari’s relationship, these two have been dating each other for just a year now.

In a post, Whitmer wished Jouhari a one-year anniversary and said how funny and smart Jouhari is and also praises her perfect body as well.

At the moment, Jouhari and Thomas live together.

Whitmer Thomas Career

During the initial days, Whitmer thought of becoming an actor; however, in that route, he found improv comedy. 

Later, Thomas joined Upright Citizen’s Brigade and began doing improv but did not feel he was good at it. 

Despite that uncertainty, Whitmer started doing stand-up comedy and became obsessed with it and continues it till now.

Whitmer also began acting and appeared in many projects such as Ben and Kate, Workaholics, and more. 

Some of Whitmer’s most famous appearance is in Stone Quackers, which he also produced as a co-executive.

Most recently, Whitmer appears in Deported, Kwaczala, A Dim Valley, The Immortal Jellyfish, Moon Manor, Dream Come True.

Whitmer Thomas Songs, Tours

As mentioned earlier, Whitmer is a musician and a singer as well. Most recently, he released an album called The Golden One. 

Talking about tours, there was a tour scheduled for Whitmer on August 29, 2020. However, because of the current global health crisis caused by the Covid-19 Pandemic, the tour is canceled