Grace Victoria Cox is probably one of the most sought after young actress currently active in the film industry.

Without any doubt, we can say that you love this beautiful woman and are eager to know more about her.

Since you are here, we cannot just let you go empty-handed. Here is an in-depth inside on Grace Victoria Cox’s personal life and relationship status.

Is she dating anyone? Find out right here.

Grace Victoria Cox Dating

Victoria Cox is dating. This blew off your hat, didn’t it? We’re only talking about her on-screen character right now.

Grace Victoria appeared on the hit drama TV series called ‘Heather’ as ‘Veronica Sawyer’ and boy oh boy do we love her there.

In the TV series, her character is dating another character called ‘JD’ originally portrayed by the handsome James Scully.

Now, fans think that there is something fishy going on between Grace and James, and why wouldn’t they think so?

Both are exceptionally good looking. So, let’s talk about it. Are Grace and James dating?

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Grace Victoria Cox Boyfriend: Heather Co-Star?

To every guy’s delight out there who stayed fingers crossed; no, Grace Victoria Cox and James Scully are not dating.

But there is a reason why fans think the on-screen boyfriend and girlfriend are dating in real life.

On Instagram, Grace puts up a show as she once commented on James’ picture that he is the hottest person she has ever touched or kissed.

Grace comments on James Scully Photo
Grace comments on James Scully photo. (

But still, we firmly believe that they are not dating each other? Why, you ask?

Because the young heartthrob James Scully is a loud and proud gay man, that’s right. Too bad for you ladies out there though.

James is very public about his sexuality and does not thinks he has any obligation to hide it from anybody. So, there you have it.

So does that mean Grace is dating right now? Well, we wouldn’t be so sure of that because her social media posts do not hint any relationship.

At the moment, she is most possibly singe and working on her career in full force.

Grace Victoria Cox Early Life: Bio, Age

American actress Grace Victoria Cox was born on March 10, 1995, in Lexington, Kentucky. Grace is currently 24 years old.

She grew up with her parents in an area where they had horse farms and racetracks. As for education, Grace attended one of the local school and later transferred to a boarding school.

However, due to circumstances, Grace started taking online classes and finished her senior year online.

Cox, who considers herself as an introvert personality, moved to Los Angeles at the age of 17   that she could pursue her career as an actress.


Grace made her first appearance in a movie called Scarlett in 2014 and a TV series called Under the Dome in which she appeared for 16 episodes till 2015.

Since then, Grace appeared in movies like Here Now, Savage Youth, Affairs of State. Her TV shows appearances include Manson’s Lost Girls, Twin Peaks, Heathers, Now Apocalypse.

Heather currently appears on The Society as Lexi and in Triumph as the patty.

Net Worth

Grace Victoria Cox, who stands at an impressive height of 5 ft. 9 inches, is currently working vehemently on her career as an actress.

Her earnings and salary depend upon the type of role she gets and the budget of the movie or TV show as well.

At the moment, tabloids claim her net worth is $1 million. However, since Grace keeps all earnings as a sworn secret, the numbers only remain as a mere guess.