Lolita Davidovich has a lot of accomplishment in her life, and they fall in both personal and professional category.

While most are familiar with Lolita Davidovich's professional life achievements, only a few have the confidence to say so when it boils down to her personal life. Let’s learn about it all. Her husband, family, career, and more

Lolita Davidovich Personal Life: Husband, Married

As one of the most desired woman back in her days, Lolita has a lot of admirers. However, she gave the same notice to very few only.

And by few, we mean only one. Lolita has remained married to one man her entire life, and his name is Ron Shelton, the famous Hollywood director.

After meeting for the first time in the sets of Blaze which, coincidently Ron was directing. It so happens that Lolita got her first big break and love of her life in the same year.

After dating extensively, Lolita and Ron married each other in an intimate wedding ceremony in 1997.

According to Lolita, who belongs to Serbian background, most of her Serbian friends love Ron for his Serbian traits despite him being an American native.

Ron’s loud voice, drinking traits, and his earthiness, in general, are what attracted Lolita in the first place as well.


Lolita and Ron have a very tightly knit family. Both of them welcomed a daughter and named her Valentina and later on also welcomed a son.

They named him Anton.

While marriage to Ron is reportedly Lolita’s first, this isn’t the same for her husband, Ron. He was previously married to a woman named Lois, who was a filmmaker professionally.

Lolita Davidovich Bio, Age, Net Worth

Famous actress Lolita Davidovich was born on July 15, 1961, in London, Ontario, Canada. At the moment, Lolita is 58 years old and still maintains the same radiance.

Lolita’s parents are immigrants from Yugoslavia. Her father is from Serbia whereas her mother is from Slovenia.

While growing, Lolita only spoke Serbian and gradually started learning English.

Despite having an extensive career in acting, Lolita does not talk about the riches she has piled up over the years.

However, sources believe that her net worth lies in millions.

Lolita Davidovich Career

Davidovich, no matter who much beauty she packed in her early days, did not land primary jobs as an actress. Her first career started with very insubstantial roles in TV shows and movies.

However, as she worked in those projects, people started noticing her — people who had the power to turn an aspiring actor’s or actresses’ career around.

In the late 80s, she auditioned for a role in a movie called Blaze. With over 500 actresses aiming to land the role, it was quite a fierce competition. However, Lolita beat them all and bagged the starring role.

In 1989, Lolita appeared as the lead character Blaze Starr, a burlesque performer in the movie and that is where her career took off.

Since then, Lolita has appeared in a number of movies like JFK, Cobb, The Object of Beauty, Now and Then, Gods and Monsters, Jungle 2 Jungle.

While working in movies, Lolita also appeared in many TV shows such as Indictment: The McMartin Trial, Dead Silence, The Eleventh Hour, CSI: Crime Scene Investigator, and many others.

Her latest appearance include in How to Get Away With Murder (2018) as Sandrine Castillo