American Idol Season 18, 2020, has some of the most talented young personalities ever. Among those gems is Jonny West.

Who is Jonny West, and what does his personal life looks like? Find out everything right here.

Jonny West Personal Life & Dating: Who Is Girlfriend?

For anyone watching the show regularly, they already know that this handsome and extremely talented young man has a girlfriend.

Jonny West has a girlfriend, and her name is Margie Mays.

The couple has been dating for quite some time as Jonny accompanied his fellow singer girlfriend to the Season 17 American Idol auditions.

Impressed by how the show treated contestants and the opportunity it held for him as well, Jonny enrolled for the season 18 himself, alongside girlfriend Margie Mays.

Jonny West and girlfriend Margie Mays
Jonny West and girlfriend Margie Mays. (

Both got selected and even performed together as well.

Unfortunately, Delaware resident Margie did not make the cut for the second time on the show, but Jonny did.

Most recently, Jonny took it to Instagram, where he posted a picture and praised how supportive his girlfriend has been.

Jonny told his 80k+ followers how his girlfriend Margie takes care of him while on the show and also makes everyone laugh and feel good as well.

However, there was some backlash when Margie kind of interrupted one of Jonny’s home performance. She did not do anything major, but fans claimed that she was holding Jonny back while preparing for an important judge.

You be the judge about this.

Jonny West Bio, Age, Parents, High School

The Season 18 American Idol contestant Jonny West was born on October 15, 1996, to parents Steve West and mother, Michelle West.

Along with his parents, Jonny also has an older brother.

Jonny began writing songs since middle school and took music pretty seriously as well. Since then, he has recognized his talents and has come a long way.

Raised in Murrieta, California, Jonny went to the Murrieta Valley High School from where he graduated with a high school diploma in 2015.

From there, Johnny joined Los Angeles College of Music in 2015 and graduated from there in 2017.

Apart from that, Jonny also has a “Master’s degree” from the University of Hard Knocks for being one crazy kid. That sure is one interesting degree.

Jonny West In American Idol

Before becoming one of America’s most famous young artists, Jonny was just a supportive boyfriend who accompanied his girlfriend, Margie Mays.

After seeing the potential of the show in 2019, Jonny decided to try it out for himself.

Jonny, 23, who also works as a piano teacher, sang one of his original, a rap song which she performed on a piano, and it sealed the deal for him.

While people thought Jonny and Margie would do a great duet together, things went sideways for the couple. On the next solo round, Margie bid goodbye – for the second time.

However, Jonny has since remained in the show and blossomed as well. His most recent performance, where he performed another original called Amazing Grace, quite literally blew everyone away.

Jonny sang You Can’t Keep a Good Man Down, a song by James and Bobby Purify for his round one performance.

Will he win the show?