Laci Kaye Booth is surely winning hearts around here and thanks to her gorgeous sound, she has managed to bag a place in the top 6 of this ongoing season 2 of American Idol.

But do you know the man who has managed to bag this wonderful lady herself?

Well, surely you don’t but do not fret just yet. Keep reading, and you might just learn more than who is Laci Kaye Booth dating right now.

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Laci Kaye Booth Personal Life

Booth is a simple girl from the Texas who enjoyed music and as she grew, became very good at singing and with music in general.

Her knack for melodies and pitch-perfect vocals now has (and it is not an exaggeration) the whole world listening to her. She has made successfully secured her place in the top 6, and things only look bright for her.

Now, a lot of people are wondering who this pretty singer is dating and if she is dating at all or not. Well, the answer is yes.

Laci Kaye Booth is dating, and her boyfriend is Cannon Bullock.

Laci Kaye Booth with boyfriend
American Idol Top 6 contestant Laci Kaye Booth with boyfriend Cannon Bullock. (Instagram)

Now you may not be familiar with Cannon as he is not a competing singer and just a regular guy. The couple started dating a while ago and are inseparable. So, let’s know more about her boyfriend Cannon Bullock, shall we?

Who Is Boyfriend Cannon Bullock?

Cannon Bullock as mentioned earlier, is just a regular guy. He currently studies at The University of Mississippi – Ole Miss.

Cannon is from Corrigan, Texas but currently lives in The Woodlands. He went to Camden High School and graduated.

Cannon and Laci have stayed together for very long, and he supports her to the core. His current profile picture has a Facebook theme that created a saying “I’m voting for Laci Kaye Booth.”

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Because Laci is currently very consumed with what is going on in the show, she does not frequently get to meet her beau, but when they do, it is serious relationship goals.

Oh, and Cannon also has a Husky that Laci loves and misses very much.

Laci Kaye Booth Parents, Family

Booth was born to parents Jody Booth and Priscilla. However, Booth’s parents divorced when she was very young. Booth’s mother then met another man named Frank Sanchez and later met him.

Her mother Priscilla told that the man she was dating lived in a barn. While she did not really like the sound of it as a five-year-old, she later said that it is the most beautiful place to be.

Booth got her musical inspiration from her father Jody Booth who is also a musician and a singer. They have performed together on several occasions and Jody who dropped a record called The Rosewood Tapes Vol.1.

Laci Kaye Bio, Age

Laci Kaye was born on August 28, 1995, in Texas. She began singing from a very young age, all thanks to her father, Jody Booth.

Laci usually performs country music but also enjoys performing 70s and 80s songs. Laci is currently a student at the Student at Sam Houston State University. At the moment, she is in the Top 6 position in American Idol Season 2.

She also has a very close resemblance to famous singer Ariana Grande.