2020’s American Idol is one of the most anticipated ones by far. But it gets like this every year as well—no surprise in that.

However, there are quite the talented new people on Season 18 of American Idol, and one of them is Louis Knight.

Who is Louis Knight, and does he have a girlfriend? Find out all about his personal life right here.

Let’s start off from where Louis was born and about his parents.

Louis Knight Age, Bio, Parents

The current heartthrob of many, Louis Knight, was born in London, the United Kingdom, on July 10, 2000. At the moment, Louis’ age is 19 years old.

Born in London, UK, Louis, and his family moved to the United States almost a decade ago and have lived there since.

Louis went to Lower Merion High School and worked at a part-time job where he delivers pizzas for Narberth Pizza.

At the moment, Louis and his family live in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Talking about his parents, Louis was born to mother Amanda Knight and father John Surie, who works as a managing partner at M Health.

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Louis also has siblings as well. Louis Knight has an older brother named Max and a younger sister named Daisey.

The Knight family also has a dog named Milo.

Now that we know the basic stuff about Louis let’s move onto the interesting ones.

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Louis Knight Dating? Who Is Girlfriend?

Right now, most of the girls out there have their eyes glued on this young hunk. After all, he is popularly known as the American Idol heartthrob.

However, this comes as sad news for anyone thinking of dating this talented singer because he is dating.

That is right, ladies. Louis Knight is currently dating a young girl named Erin Diacik, and they met at their high school.

Louis Knight and girlfriend Erin Diacik
Louis Knight and girlfriend Erin Diacik during high school prom. (instagram.com)

Louis Knight and his girlfriend both went to the same Lower Merion High School and also went to the high school prom together.

In one of his posts where Knight flaunted his girlfriend, he mentioned that he might write a couple of songs about girlfriend Erin Diacik.

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Louis Knight For American Idol Season 18

The 19 years old singer and songwriter Louis Knight auditioned for the American Idol season 19 at Washington D.C., where he performed his original song called Change.

While Louis comes off as a very talented artist, he began the musical journey after his father John Surie inspired him in music as Surie himself was a member of a rock band for 15 years.

Also, Louis’ mother played an integral role as she bought him his first piano at the age of 14.

The most recent performances of Louis and other artists like Arthur Gunn, aka Dibesh Pokharel, Just Sam, Julia Gargano, have been from home because of the ongoing pandemic situation.

Will Louis Knight win the Season 18 of American Idol?