American Idol seriously remains as one of the world’s most revered talent show when it comes to music and singing. And this man, Dillon James, in particular, is turning out to become a star on the famous show.

Staying true to nature, you’re craving all the details on this absolutely gorgeous man right here. From his singing inspiration to relationship status, all gets revealed today.

Is Dillon James Dating? Who Is Girlfriend?

Singing on the top of his lungs, Dillon has won millions of hearts already. Just observing how his followers on social media platforms is an example of the success, he’s snatching.

Among all those followers, is there anyone in particular that managed to sweep Dillon from his feet?

Ladies clutch your heart tight because the answer may very well result fatally, from excitement.

For all the ladies out there, this comes as excellent news because Dillon James looks like he is single.

A little more emphasis on looks like because relationships these days get easily shadowed. Especially for someone like Dillon, who is shooting to fame.

He may very well want to keep his relationship a secret to avoid any unnecessary attention. But, until Dillon James comes out with a girlfriend, party on ladies.

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Where Was Dillon James Born? Born, Hometown

Dillon James was born to his parents on April 27, 1993, in Bakersfield, California. At the moment, Dillon is already 26 years old and will soon turn 27.

Born into an American family, Dillon’s father owned an Asphalt company, and the whole family did well.

As a young child, Dillon always received much love from his parents. From what Dillon has revealed, he has one brother.

Dillon James Parents, and brother
Dillon James with father, mother, and brother. (American Idol)

As far as studies go, Dillon went to California State University.

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Dillon James Drug Abuse, Drinking Issues

While growing up, during his late teen days, Dillon began drifting towards drug abuse. By the age of 19, Dillon was drunk most of the time.

There also came a time when he slept on very edgy places, which would have turned out as fatal.

In Dillon’s own words, this is what he expressed, “I lost pretty much lost everything. I found myself on the streets with no money.”

However, born into a Christian family with a very strong faith in God, Dillon managed to get out of that tunnel.

Needless to say, Dillon’s family also helped him a lot in doing so. They supported him as much as they could.

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Dillon James Winning American Idol 2020?

There is a very high chance that Dillon James will win the American Idol 2020 because of simple facts like his soothing yet strong voice.

As of now, Dillon is already inside the top 20. But nothing remains certain here because Dillon remains surrounded by other, very talented singers.

For anyone oblivious to this fact, Dillon James is also an actor. With looks like that, it’s no wonder Dillon made it inside the Hollywood as well.

Dillon James has appeared in three movies in total. They are A Teacher’s Obsession, The Haircut, and A Country Christmas Story.