She goes by the name that suits her personality. After all, no one can Freeze people’s hearts like Amy Freeze does. (Pun Intended)

Amy Freeze is one of the most capable and astonishingly beautiful personalities in the ABC Network. Capable because she makes it all look so easy; reporting that is. Astonishingly beautiful because she is like a daydream turning into reality.

Let’s not wait any longer and start to know it all about this ABC meteorologist right away.

Amy Freeze Personal Life: Married, Husband

Well, let’s talk about the topic that most of you are already interested in. We know, this is the tea for which you crave so much so let’s get it done with quicker.

When they see Amy on their TV screen, a lot of men out there wonder if Amy is married or not. Or if she is dating anyone. Well, you’d be glad to know the answer.

For all that we know, for now, Amy is single. However, let’s emphasize on “For all that we know.”

However, this was not the scenario a little back in time. Previously, Amy was married, and her husband’s name is Gary Arbuckle.

Oh, that is not the correct way to introduce her ex-husband. His name is Dr. Gary Arbuckle. Yes, he is a doctor.

After the first meeting back in 1993, Amy and Gary became very close and eventually, started dating each other.

After about a year later or so, both became very concerned and wanted to take the next big step. Amy and Gary got married.

According to sources, Amy and Gary married each other in 1994 in the United States of America. Their marriage, although the result of short romance, turned out to become one of the most solid relationships anyone had ever witnessed.

More on Dr. Gary Arbuckle

Dr. Gary Arbuckle is a native New York person who is currently 48 years old. Dr. Gary went to the Western State Chiropractic School, where he studied Chiropractic and received his doctorate.

Gary joined the school in 1995 and graduated with a doctorate in 1998. After that, Gary began working as a Chief Operating Officer at BodyRest.

As of now, Gary lives in New York.


After getting married in 1994, Amy and Gary started planning for a family, and both agreed that children could wait.

After several years, Amy got pregnant when both were finally ready for a family. In 1999, Amy and Gary welcomed their first child and named him Tyler.

In 2002, Amy and Gary welcomed another child, again a son and named him Jared. In 2006, Amy and Gary welcomed their first daughter and named her Kate.

Lastly, in 2009, Amy and Gary welcomed their fourth child, another son and named him William.

Amy Freeze, ex-husband Dr. Gary Arbuckle and children
Amy Freeze, ex-husband Dr. Gary Arbuckle and children. (

While the whole family lived very happily for years, soon, despair floated above their heads.


Nearing mid-2010s, Amy and Gary began to cultivate some sour feelings together, and things began to take a new turn between them.

As time went by, both tried their best to sort out any communication problem and mend the rifts but all in vain.

Eventually, the drift became so wide that it could not be repaired and they ended up seeking a divorce.

In 2014, divorce papers finalized which gave Amy and Gary to live separately. No other details from the divorce remain accessible.

Amy Freeze Dating Now?

As it is nearly half a decade now, there remain very high chances that Amy is dating anyone. However, if she is, that remains in secrecy as well.

At the moment, Amy keeps herself busy by looking after herself and enjoying time with her children every now and then.

Amy also focuses on keeping her health in check as well. This happens by a regular run around the blocks and exercise as well that keeps her measurements steady.

But amid all these, Amy hides her relationship status which everyone so wants to learn about. Till the day Amy wishes to shed light upon her relationship status, we say she is single.

Here’s a little hint. She likes a ring with a taco on it instead of a diamond.

Amy Freeze Bio, Age, Salary

American meteorologist for ABC network Amy Freeze was born on June 19, 1974, in Utah, United States of America. Although born in Utah, Amy spent most of her childhood in Indiana.

The freeze was born to father Bill Freeze and mother Linda Freeze as the eldest among five. As a young girl filled with enthusiasm, Amy went to Jeffersonville High School and later joined Brigham Young University.

From there, Amy graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree. For a master’s degree, Amy went on and joined the University of Pennsylvania.

While studying in university, Amy started her career in journalism as a meteorologist and Morning Show co-host for KWGN Denver.

From there, Amy joined NBC Universal as Meteorologist and stayed with the network for four years.

During her career, Amy also worked as a sideline reporter, and while doing so, she also took the job of Chief Meteorologist at Fox Television.

At the moment, Amy works with WABC which she joined back in 2011. It has been more than eight years with the network, and her salary is presumably more than $100 thousand annually.