Andy Adler is sassy, beautiful and most importantly, a very talented anchor and reporter who delivers news with extreme charm.

But the thing is, fans and followers are still not up-to-date with her life. Here is everything you need to know about Andy Adler, the beautiful PIX 11 reporter.

Andy Adler: How She Met Husband

As far as everyone knows, Andy Adler has only one man in her life or to be precise, had. But let’s avoid the jumble and start from the very beginning.

Back in 2014, Andy met a man named Doug Ellin, creator of the HBO TV series called ‘Entourage,’ but the couple did not spark anything then and there. During that time, Dough was in a relationship.

He was dating Maddie Diehl, and in 2014, they got engaged only to call off the engagement in March of 2016.

After the split happened, in 2017, Doug again noticed this beautiful PIX 11 anchor and decided to contact her.

Without beating the bush, Doug asked told her that he’d love to meet Andy even though oblivious to what was going in her life at that moment.

Andy was single and focused on her career, and the couple talked over the phone for a good three weeks before Doug came to New York.

On the first day of their date, the couple spent 12 hours together; give or take a few hours.

They started from breakfast and ended up having lunch, dinner, and everything that came in-between like roaming the streets, parks, and whatnot.


After about less than a year of dating, Doug proposed to Andy. On April 30, 2017, Doug came down on one knee and proposed Andy with a spectacular ring.

He chose a New Orleans balcony view as the location and kudos to his selection. Although skeptical, Dough was delighted that Andy accepted his proposal.

Andy Adler Engaged
Andy Adler Engaged. (Instagram)

While Andy may not have seen it coming, Doug pretty much became certain about her. Shortly after the 12-hour date, Doug shared with his friend that he would get married to Andy.

To everyone’s delight, he did.

Andy Adler and Doug Ellin Married

Andy and Doug agreed on June 18 as their wedding day date. They did not want to wait, especially Doug, who was already 49 in 2017.

Andy’s parents live in San Diego, so the wedding location was set as well. Both wanted their wedding to be as intimate as possible, so arrangements called for only closest friends and family.

They married in a ceremony as described with only very close family and friends surrounding them. Later, they threw parties in New York and L.A both because why not?

Before Doug’s engagement to Maddie, his previous flame, Ellin was married to a woman named Melissa Dana Hecht. Ellin and Hecht married from 1996 to 2009 for 13 years.

They also produced two kids.

After Andy married Doug, she automatically became stepmother to two kids. While everyone gushed about the new couple, things started to strain early.


Before getting married, Andy and Doug had to figure out everything, and they did as well. Doug remained in LA most of the time, and Andy had a booming career in New York with PIX11.

Both committed to split time between LA and New York, especially Andy, since he claimed he could write from anywhere.

However, the distance started putting so much strain in their marriage that it soon became unbearable. On April 30, Doug revealed the couple was getting a divorce.

He released a statement where he said the main reason for divorce was the distance. Before the split, both contemplated either moving to New York or LA, but their career did not allow that transition.

While Doug came out publically with this, Andy remained very silent. Both did not seek any support from each other as a divorce settlement.

At the moment, Andy is not dating anyone; at least not publically. She tries to keep her personal life under the radar.

Andy Adler Bio, Age, Education

American anchor Andy Adler was born on August 19, 1981, in San Diego, California. Andy Adler is currently 37 years old. After graduating from a very reputed university, Adler started working immediately.

Andy started her initial career with NBC Page program and later became an editorial assistant. She quickly grabbed the role as a reporter for NBC affiliate in Canada.

Salary and Net Worth

In 2007, Andy started working with the Fox network affiliate WNYW and started appearing as a fill-in host for Good Day New York.

After working there for about three, Adler moved to work with the LBC LA network KNBC and appeared as a weekend co-anchor for Today in LA.

In March of 2014, Adler joined the PIX11 News and the rest is history. She currently appears as the host of PIX 11 Sports Desk and earns a generous sum of salary.

According to tabloids, Andy Adler currently has a net worth of over $1 million.

However, since Andy did not specifically give these numbers, the net worth remains just an assumption.