Actors have a way of portraying fictional characters as no other people can. Guess that is the reason why people call them actors anyway.

While on the subject, there’s this special lady here about whom people want to learn more about. Her name is Juliana Harkavy, or people also know her as Black Canary from her appearance in “Arrow.”

It seems like there’s something going on in Juliana’s personal life. Let’s find out what that is.

Juliana Harkavy Personal Life, Husband, Married

For anyone following Juliana religiously, this comes as a no shock to them. Juliana Harkavy had a husband and remained married.

The name of her husband was Peter Christopher Kupchick, and that is one mouthful of a name.

Talking about Peter Christopher Kupchick here, he is the son of Brenda Kupchick and Peter Kupchick, who are both state representatives.

Living in Fairfield, Connecticut, Peter went to Northern University, where he studied law. More about his parents, apart from working as state representatives, his parents Peter Kupchick and Brenda Kupchick have their own business called Kupchick Heating+Cooling Inc.

Peter is a very active personality who also supports charities on a fair share.

In March of 2014, Peter Kupchick proposed to Juliana and a couple of months later married each other.

Juliana Harkavy engagement ring.
Juliana Harkavy engagement ring. (

On June 19, 2014, Juliana Harkavy and Peter Kupchick married each other in Peter’s hometown Fairfield at the Fox Hill Inn. Peter’s cousin, who worked as a Justice of the Peace named Charlene Sabia Lebo, officiated the ceremony.

Juliana Harkavy and ex-husband Peter Kupchick.
Juliana Harkavy and ex-husband Peter Kupchick. (

The couple remained happily married for a couple of years until things began getting sour. At the moment, Juliana and Peter are getting a divorce.

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Juliana Harkavy and Husband Peter Kupchick Divorce

That is right people, Juliana’s marriage to Peter Kupchick came to an end as the couple is in the middle of a divorce right now.

Via Twitter, Juliana revealed that she and Peter are divorcing each other, and also they separated quite a while ago.

Juliana Harkavy Divorce Statement
Juliana Harkavy Divorce Statement. (

According to Juliana, her marriage to Peter began getting sour a couple of years ago and that she pretended for a long that her marriage was alright.

Juliana also referred to Peter as her ex-husband already, while on the other hand, Peter’s Facebook relationship status still shows married.

While this is not probably a sign of reconciliation, there may still be hope on the horizon. However, according to Juliana’s official Twitter statement, she’s already on the process of loving herself again, which she reportedly couldn’t do while married.

Juliana Harkavy Divorce statement
Juliana Harkavy Divorce statement. (

Juliana Harkavy and Peter Kupchik did not have any children together.

Juliana Harkavy Career, Movies, TV Shows

You know how some people start very early when it comes to their professional life. Well, Juliana is one of those people.

At the age of 10, Juliana appeared in a Kids show called Goosebumps. Since then, she always loved acting and wanted to make a career out of it.

In 1995, Juliana appeared in the movie A Little Princess, followed by other movies like Love is Blind, Dolphin Tale, Finding Joy, Marriage Material, and many others.

However, Juliana particularly found success while appearing in a variety of TV shows. In 2010, Juliana appeared in a TV show called The Glades.

During her career as an actress, Juliana also appeared in Graceland, The Walking Dead, Constantine.

In 2017, Juliana appeared in the famous TV show called Arrow in which she portrayed the character of Dinah Drake or also known as Black Canary.

Since then, Juliana appeared in The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow as well.

Juliana Harkavy Net Worth

This is one of those questions which follows every celebrity where ever they go. Now, without digressing to other famous personalities, let’s focus on Juliana here.

After appearing in major TV shows and movies for quite a long time, Juliana reportedly has a massive net worth of over $1 million.

Juliana Harkavy Bio, Age Family

The famous actress Juliana Harkavy was born on January 1, 1985, in New York City. Juliana’s father’s name is Michael Harkavy, and his mother’s name is Breta Carela.

Talking about her ethnicity, Juliana is a self-proclaimed Dominican Jew and shares Russian, and Hungarian background.

At a young age, Juliana began attending the Young Actors Space located in Sherman Oaks and attended Le Lycee Francais de Los Angeles high school.

During her high school days, Juliana became fluent in French. After high school, Juliana attended the Milken Community High School in Los Angeles for a diploma degree.

After that, Juliana attended Tisch School of The Arts, where she majored in Theater and graduated later.