Rick Gonzalez has one of the most charming personalities ever. Also, the cherry on top, he's absolutely pleasing to the eye as well.

Appearing in one of the most famous shows from a very long time, Arrow, Rick has a lot of people wanting to learn more about him.

Is Rick married? What about his family? Learn more about Rick's personal life right here.

Rick Gonzalez Married? Personal Life, Wife, Relationship

Sad news, ladies. Rick Gonzalez is not single for anyone and has a pretty serious relationship.

By relationship meaning marriage.

Obviously, a lot of people who follow Rick loyally know this fact. However, what people do not seem to know is the name of Rick Gonzalez's wife.

Who is this pretty woman who managed to bag the Arrow star?

Rick Gonzalez remains married to Sheri Aon or also known as Sherionne Lainer. When did Rick and his wife Sherionne got married?

Rick Gonzalez and Sherionne Lainer married each other in February of the year 2003. After meeting for the first time when Rick moved to California.

Rick Gonzalez with wife Sherionne.j
Rick Gonzalez with wife Sherionne.(instagram.com)

According to Rick, Sherionne had a lot of attitudes when the couple met for the first time. As it happens, things slowly got better between then, and almost two-decade-long marriage never looked better.

Since then, both remain married to each other and have the utmost love for each other as well.

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Rick Gonzalez Family, Daughter

Talking about Rick's family, he currently has a daughter. Rick and wife Sheri welcomed their first daughter in July 2013.

Rick Gonzalez Family - Daughter Skylar and wife Sherionne.
Rick Gonzalez Family - Daughter Skylar and wife Sherionne. (instagram.com)

Rick named his daughter Skylar and the three of them have a pretty amazing family life together.

Currently, Rick and Sheri do not have any plans for another child.

Rick Gonzalez Bio, Age

The famous actor Rick Gonzalez was born on June 30, 1979. Gonzalez was born in New York City. At the moment, Rick Gonzalez's age is 40 years old.

Rick belongs to a Puerto Rican family and grew up with his mother and grandmother because, at a very young age, Rick's father and mother divorced. Most of the time, Rick takes his mother and grandmother as inspiration.

While growing up in Bushwick, Brooklyn, in a very prominent Latino neighborhood, Rick always felt at home.

After a recommendation from a teacher, Rick enrolled at the High School of Performing Arts.

Rick Gonzalez Career: Music and Acting

While growing up in Bushwick, Brooklyn, Rick became familiar with hip-hop and rap music from a young age.

Initially, Rick began doing breakdancing and later moved towards music and memorizing intensive raps.

While deeply into hip-hop music, Rick also began pursuing a career as an actor. In 1997, Rick made his first appearance in a show called F/X: The Series. Since then, Rick has appeared in other TV shows like Law & Order, Reaper, Dark Prophet, and began appearing in Arrow in 2016.

Rick also appeared in some famous movies like Old School, For Your Consideration, Pride and Glory, and much more.

On his musical career side, Rick released a mixtape album called "The Invisible Man."

Rick Gonzalez Net Worth

Appearing in major movies and TV shows for a long time now, Rick has a very large fan base. Along that way, Rick also has amassed a fortune.

At the moment, Rick Gonzalez has a massive net worth of $1 million.