In the American Idol Season 18, 2020, there is one contestant in particular that has won millions of hearts already.

His name is Dibesh Pokharel, aka Arthur Gunn, and while he isn't an American by nationality, the whole country is ready to take him in as their own.

This man from one of the smallest countries on the world map is making everyone's heads turn around, especially of the Idol show judges.

Here, learn more about this amazing man who holds raw singing and artistic talent.

Is Dibesh Pokharel (Arthur Gunn) Dating? Girlfriend

Just imagine how millions of hearts will shatter all around if they find out Dibesh Pokharel is dating someone.

Luckily for the wreckage department, Dibesh looks like he is single at the moment without any affair at hand.

That is right, ladies; this rugged-looking young man seems to have a slot empty for a pretty woman in his life.

According to some sources and some people online who claim to be Dibesh's friend(s), the sparkly-eyed young singer is reportedly single and does not have a girlfriend.

However, there's also a pretty sweet chance that Dibesh is keeping his personal life a secret because this is only a speculation that he is single.

Sorry to pop the balloons of hope.

But with all speculations aside, right now, all that Dibesh seems to have on his mind is winning the competition and set an example for everyone out there.

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Where Is Dibesh Pokharel (Arthur Gunn) From? Bio, Age

In the American Idol audition, people saw a glimpse of Dibesh's family, the people who stand as his backbone through thick and thin.

However, who are these people? The internet seems oblivious, but that changes today.

Arthur Gunn was born on October 24, 1997, in Kathmandu City, Nepal, as Dibesh Pokharel. Born in Kathmandu, Dibesh, aka Arthur Gunn, is 22 years old at the moment. Everyone remains impressed at what this man has managed to do at such a young age.

Who Are Dibesh Pokharel Parents?

Dibesh, aka Arthur Gunn, was born to father Dataram Pokharel and mother Maiya Pokharel, who were also born in Nepal.

Arthur Gunn with his parents
Arthur Gunn with his parents. (

The family later moved to the United States. However, Dibesh, who is 21 years old at the moment, only joined his family in the States at the age of 16. Later, Dibesh started going to Butler Community College, located in El Dorado, Kansas.

His parents Dataram Pokharel and Maiya Pokharel, have four children in total, and Dibesh is the only son among them.

Arthur Gunn with his three sisters
Arthur Gunn with his three sisters. (

As it suggests, Dibesh Pokharel has three sisters whose names are Rupa Pokharel, Ruby (Rubi) Pokharel, and Komal Pokharel.

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Arthur Gunn (Dibesh Pokharel) – Music Inspiration

The person who introduced young Dibesh to playing music was his mother, Maiya Pokharel, who bought him his first guitar.

Since then, Arthur has always enjoyed playing the guitar and singing songs. While Arthur played music during his time in Nepal, frequently playing in Pubs, it was when he came to the United States that his musical interest developed.

After arriving and rejoining with his family in the United States, Dibesh managed to buy another guitar and started playing in local coffeehouses and also busked in the LA area.

According to Arthur, his musical inspirations are Bob Dylan, Led Zeppelin, Robert Johnson, and similar other legendary artists.

In 2018, Arthur released a song on YouTube called "Nyano Ghar," which roughly translates to "A warm home," in Nepali language. This song got him initial recognition from the people of Nepal.

Moreover, it was also because of peer pressure that Arthur auditioned for the American Idol Season 18, and the rest is history.

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Arthur Gunn aka Dibesh Pokharel American Idol Journey

During the audition of the American Idol season 18, Arthur quickly managed to impress legendary singer Lionel Richie along with the other two judges Katy Perry and Luke Bryan.

Katy Perry, the I Kissed A Girl singer, made a pun out of Arthur's real name Dibesh by referring to the word "The Best." Luke Bryan even offered if Arthur would want to open for his Detroit, Michigan show two weeks later.

Finally, the third judge, Lionel Richie, got out of his seat, hugged Arthur, and told him how amazing the American Idol journey would be for the young singer.

Arthur, as described by Lionel, is also the easiest decision when it comes to selection; he always gets selected. After the Hawaii show, the judges had to choose 20 contestants, and Lionel said that choosing Arthur was the easiest choice of them all.

American Idol Update

Once again, Dibesh AKA Arthur Gunn has managed to sweep everyone off of their feet, especially the judges.

After his most latest performance, which he performed from home during these troubled times, people love him more.

Dibesh performed the famous country song called Country Road, Take Me Home, originally by John Denver. However, the Nepal born singer gave it his personal reggae twist.

Katy Perry felt really connected with the performance, and Lionel Richie, along with Luke Bryan, commended the performance with sheer joy.

As far as voting goes, Dibesh secured his stand in the Top 11 of American Idol Season 18, 2020, with approximately 36 million votes.

If you want to vote for this young man to win, you can do it by sending a text "16," Arthur's contestant number to 21523. Or you can also cote via the American Idol app as well. 

Arthur Gunn American Idol Finale

Arthur Gunn successfully made it to the Top 7 of Season 18 of American Idol, and things look pretty hopeful for him at the moment as well. The Nepal native is currently living in Wichita, Kansas especially turned Lionel Richie into a softer with his husky yet extremely soothing voice.

For the finale, Dibesh (Arthur Gunn) performed I Don't Want To Be, a song by Gavin DeGraw for the first round. For the second one, Arthur is going for the song that put him in the spot itself. For the second round, Dibesh is performing Have You Ever Seen The Rain originally by Creedence Clearwater Revival. 

Surely, Arthur put his own little twists in this song. Also, he will be performing this particular song for the third time. Will it work? Will this make him the winner of American Idol?