When listing the prominent names in journalism, Ashleigh Banfield is sure to make that list. Most of her career has gone by anchoring shows and people have no complaint on that; she’s that adorable and pleasing to look at.

However, if you are not familiar with Ashleigh already then you are missing on something major. Do not worry if you do not know her behind the camera.

Anything regarding the personal life of ABC Network’s Ashleigh Banfield will be answered right here, right now. Is she married? If so then who is the husband, are they divorced? Just who exactly is Ashleigh behind the anchoring desk?

Ashleigh Banfield Married Life (Husband), Children, Divorce

Before jumping into if Ashleigh is divorced or not, first knowing if she is married or not is important.

Too all the curious mind regarding the marital status of Banfield, She is indeed married.

Ashleigh Banfield is married to Chris Haynor, Director of Sales at the Mobile Marketing Association. The couple married back in December 29, 2017, at the Hermitage Club ski lodge in Wilmington, Vermont.

However, the wedding was anything but ordinary!

While couple frown and tense over the simplest of details, Ashleigh and now husband Chris took the fun route. A deceiving plan that caught their guest off-guard. That’s right. Their guests didn’t knew the couple were getting married until the last moment.

American-Canadian journalist Ashleigh and husband Chris dated for three years after meeting through online dating portal Match.com. The couple scheduled their wedding on Banfield’s 50th birthday so that guests wouldn’t have any idea whatsoever.

Chris wore his wedding suit underneath ski jacket which he took off once the plan commenced and Banfield ran away to change into her wedding gown. “When everyone realized what was happening, they started to cheer,” stated Banfield.

However, this is the second wedding for Banfield. The first married life of Banfield was with Howard Gould in 2004. The couple married on a yacht. First meeting while walking their dogs in the Central Park, the couple later got divorce after couple years of married life and two sons. Fischer 12, and Ridley, 11.

Ashleigh Banfield Net Worth, Height (Measurements), Bio

Ashleigh Banfield was born on December 29, 1967, in Winnipeg, Canada and is currently of age 51. She acquired BA in Politics from the Queen’s University in 1988 and started her career as a reporter and researcher for CTV News.

Over the course of her career, Banfield has worked with networks like FOX, KDFW-TV, MSNBC/NBC, and Court TV before finally settling at the ABC network. In regards to her measurements, she stands at a jaw dropping height of 5 feet 8 inches.

With an extensive work experience and very firm career at the ABC Network from the past 10 years sure has provided her with hefty salary to have her earnings in millions. Most recently, she left the HLN network because of the company’s mass retrenchment. However, her position at the ABC remains strong.