Autumn Calabrese, the fitness expert, author, and a bikini body competitor has helped millions to get their dream body.

However, this strong personality once was in a dark place full of doubts and fears. 

Learn how she overcame all of that, went through a broken marriage, and came out even stronger.

Autumn Calabrese Brief Background

Before starting on about all the things that Calabrese has accomplished, here are a few things you might want to know about her.

She’s a young 39 years old fitness expert with lots of first-hand experience in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

She overcame her back injury and torn down body shape to becoming a fitness idol she is today. 

She later designed a program called Beachbody, 21 Day Fix, which helped people lose body fat and get their dream body.

Autumn Calabrese’s Husband, Kent Guzman 

The beautiful and highly motivated fitness coach previously had a married life.

Autumn Calabrese was previously married to a man named Kent Guzman, who worked as a restaurant manager.

The couple met for the first time back in 2004 when Calabrese was 23 years old, and her future partner, Kent, was 35 years old.

Yes, Calabrese and her husband have an age gap of 12 years.

During that time, Kent was going through a divorce with his previous wife. 

Kent and his first wife also had a son. But despite that, their marriage did not end on nice terms.

Autumn Calabrese Married, Divorce, Children

After dating for two years, Autumn Calabrese and Kent Guzman married each other in 2006.

Calabrese and Kent were married for a couple of years and even welcomed a son together.

They named their son Dominic who is 11 years old at the moment. 

Autumn Calabrese with son Dominic and husband Kent Guzman.
Autumn Calabrese with son Dominic and husband Kent Guzman. (

Unfortunately, the marriage did not last very long for Calabrese as she later divorced from her husband on mutual terms.

After realizing that they’ve grown apart for a very long time, both sat down and had that hard talk, which led to the mutual decision of getting a divorce.

After five years, Calabrese and Guzman got a divorce.

Autumn Calabrese’s Husband Did Not Support Her

A multi-millionaire fitness expert at the moment was struggling to find support and motivation back in the days.

During the mid-2010s, while Calabrese was married to a restaurant manager husband, things were different for her.

She had already started her training business back then, but it all shut down when her husband got transferred to Dallas.

Autumn left her growing personal training business and moved to Dallas along with her then-six months old son Dominic.

During her days as a personal trainer, Autumn’s husband did not give her any support and told her to pursue her passion. 

After the family left Los Angeles and settled to Dallas, Autumn began regretting her decision to move to Dallas every single day.

After five weeks, Autumn made her decision to leave Dallas with her young son and to move back to Los Angeles.

Her husband stayed behind and let her go in mutual understanding. After three months, her husband also flew back to Los Angeles and began living together. 

By the time her spouse returned to Los Angeles, Calabrese had already hired a nanny to look after her son and began working on her growing business. 

What caused Autumn Calabrese’s Divorce?

The question regarding what caused her husband to turn into an ex-husband always befuddles fans.

The best way to put this is – Calabrese and Guzman’s divorce reason was the difference in thinking.

While Autumn wanted to go full-time with her fitness journey, her husband never really showed any interest in helping her develop it into a business.

It caused Autumn to sit on her multi-million-dollar idea, just like that.

After divorce, it dawned upon Calabrese that it was time she starts and goes with her passion in full swing.

The fact that Kent did not object when Autumn wanted to leave Dallas shows that he wasn’t fully against Autumn’s will.

As mentioned earlier, Autumn and Kent just drifted apart slowly.

That said, divorce was something that both of them contributed to, and no one was solely responsible. 

Moreover, the divorce between Autumn and Kent happened to be one of the best things ever; for both of them.

Autumn and Ex-Husband Kent After Divorce

After divorce, initially, Autumn and Kent went through some trouble but soon figured out how they could work things out.

Before getting divorced, both Calabrese and Guzman had decided to become dedicated co-parents. 

Kent left to San Diego because of work for a couple of years, which created a lot of issues in proper co-parenting.

After looking for solutions, Autumn thought that the best thing would be to ask her ex-husband, a man she trusted very much to become her assistant. 

This idea solved two problems. Their son Dominic did not have to be looked after by nannies, and Autumn also got a personal assistant whom she could trust completely.

 At first, Kent thought that Autumn was talking crazy. But after thinking it through, Kent came around and decided to become her assistant. 

Right now, the couple works seamlessly as both co-parents and as co-workers as well.

How Did Calabrese Start?

For Calabrese, it was all about creating a product that helped and benefitted people.

After divorce, she went full steam with her product and only after finishing it in 2012 did Calabrese went on to share it with people. 

From one friend to their friend, Calabrese’s product got word-of-mouth advertisement.

Like that, her product went to Beachbody, and that’s how she started.

What was her product?

Calabrese called it “Change My Plate.” A simple yet very effective portion control program that solely focused on helping people control their portion size. 

21 Day Fix Program

Two years after her successful product hit the market, Calabrese began formulating a fitness and nutrition program. 

She called it 21 Day Fix. 

Calabrese had formulated the program after successfully collaborating with Montel Williams, an actor, and producer.

Her Change My Plate concept fit perfectly with her new fitness program, which also became a reason why it took off. 

Autumn Calabrese Wiki, Age, Bio

The fitness Autumn was born on September 23, 1980, in Cleveland, Ohio. At the moment, Autumn Calabrese is 39 years old.

Calabrese was born to American parents, which makes her nationality American as well.

Calabrese’s mother and father got divorced when she was only two years old. Since then, her parents did not get along very well.

However, when they became grandparents, the post-divorce relationship between Autumn’s parents became better. 

Autumn also has one brother named Bobby Calabrese and one sister whose name is Calie Calabrese. 

Her brother Bobby works as a chef while her sister Caile works with her in Beachbody.

Calabrese has a Bachelor of Fine Arts emphasis on Dance degree from Webster University in 2001.

Autumn Calabrese Tattoo

Many do not know this, but Autumn has a tattoo on her back, right around the waist.

Autumn Calabrese tattoo.
Autumn Calabrese tattoo. (

That’s the only spot, and the reason why it stayed hidden till now is that it’s on the backside.

Usually, people don’t get a peek in that area.

Talking about her tattoo, it’s ballet slippers. Who would have thought, right?

What is Autumn Calabrese Net Worth

Autumn Calabrese has a massive net worth of $8 million at the moment. But that’s not all.

She also has multiple real-estate properties in major areas.

Autumn has a Calabasas house, which is worth $3 million at the moment. Adding up to the list, she also has a $6.25 million worth Ranch-style home in Hidden hills. 

That’s not all. 

Calabrese also has a condo in Woodland Hills that she bought in 2017 for $550,000. 

Most recently, she sold her L.A. starter house located in Studio City for a whopping $2.35 million.