The Bachelorette is getting some heat, and all credit goes to Luke Parker or also known as Luke Parker.

He is the man who at the moment, is creating all the anticipated drama that viewers love so much. Ready to learn more about him? Here we go.

Who Is Luke Parker? Biography, Wiki, Age, Height

Luke Parker, The Bachelorette contestant, born in 1994. He is currently 24 years old professionally, identifies himself as an entrepreneur.

According to his Facebook account, Luke comes from Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida. However, ABC Network says that he hails from Gainesville, GA.

Luke studied at the local Ponte Vedra High School from where he graduated and then studied at the High Point University in 2015. In 2017, he graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Communications – Sports Management.

During his time at High Point, Luke also played Baseball. After graduating, Luke attended Faulkner University to study Sports Management further to pursue a career in it.

During his time at Faulkner University, he played Varsity Baseball.

During his early days, Luke also served as a volunteer at the Ponte Vedra Presbyterian church as ABC Network describes him as a good Christian boy.

As for his job, Luke currently works as an independent entrepreneur and also as an import/export manager.

At the moment, Luke is into Crossfit training and many consider it as his part-time job as well. With a height of roughly 5ft 11 inches, Luke surely makes a lot of women go weak on their knees and add that with the greek god body. Everything gets smokey.


We all know that Luke is currently rooting for Hannah Brown or also known as Hannah B., an American model who is searching for the perfect suitor for her.

But before Hannah, Luke had somebody else in his life. Luke, who firmly believes that when he dates, it is for marriage, was previously dating a girl named Jordan Faith Linder.

Luke Parker and former girlfriend Jordan Faith Linder
Luke Parker and former girlfriend Jordan Faith Linder. (

Jordan Faith is an Alabama native who currently studies at The University of Alabama at Birmingham.

The couple dated for a couple of years, and it is not sure when the relationship went sideways.

After falling in love, Luke resorted towards The Bachelorette show where he competes with other men for Hannah Brown.

Reportedly, his sister in law named Hannah Parker (Quite the coincidence) applied for him. Hannah Parker is married to his brother Mike Parker. Luke also has another brother named McKethan Parker.

Luke Parker On Bachelorette Season 15

Most recently, Luke Parker seems to, what fans think, feel full of himself. He received the impression rose from Hannah, and since then, his behavior drastically changed, and everyone perceived it.

Hannah is currently in a state where she likes Luke but also finds his confidence a shallow bit irritating.

Luke Parker and Hannah Brown on Bachelorette Season 15
Luke Parker and Hannah Brown on Bachelorette Season 15. (

Hannah also went to the point of asking Luke to mend back his suddenly changed behavior. However, Luke feels otherwise.

He claims that his behavior is the same, and it has always been this way. He also said,

"I can't say that I'm in love with her."

However, despite all the attitude he shows and all the criticism Luke got for it, he and Hannah B seem to be getting along very well. What happens next? Will he win the show?