“I’m a sophisticated sex robot, sent back in time to change the future for one lucky lady.”

Do you remember this quote from the 1999’s American Pie, which introduced Chris Owen as Chuck Sherman, a self-confessed sophisticated sex robot?

The guy with a greasy spiked hair, who was also known as ‘The Shermanator,’ liked to think himself as the one who was a bit of a hit with ladies. But in the 20 years since the original American Pie, you’ll never guess what Chris Own looks like now.

Chris Owen Engaged To Be Married Again?

Chris Owen, who has struggled to prove his prominence in the acting industry, has seriously grown up. He has got very handsome in the process, and it doesn’t seem like he is struggling to find love in real life. 

Chris is in a blissful relationship with his girlfriend-turned-fiancé and is not hesitant in giving the glimpse of his romantic life with his lady love. He is all set to get married to actress Dayna Cousins, who stayed with him when he was struggling to mark his presence in the industry and even when he was moonlighting as a waiter at a sushi restaurant. 

As said, Chris flaunts his love life on social media; he took Instagram on 22 July 2018 to spill the beans regarding his engagement with his girlfriend. He shared a picture of Dayna’s hand with a beautiful engagement ring and captioned, ‘Dayna and I got engaged! To each other!!.’ Furthermore, with the hash tag ‘getting married,’ he hinted their plans of sharing the wedding vows shortly. 

Not only Chris, but his soon-to-be wife is also active in sharing the details of her love life with her fans and followers. She even shared the image with her beau on Instagram and announced their engagement stating some pretty cool stuff happened this weekend.

This will not be the first marriage to the 38-year-old actor as he was previously married to Michelle Beck on 13 July 2007. The couple got divorced in 2012, after five years of marriage.

As of now, the couple is relishing their dating relationship as a husband and wife and also has a dog named Barron in their family.

Professional Career; Net Worth & Earnings

Chris began his acting career at the age of 10; shortly after he moved to California with his family. But marking his place in the film industry wasn't that easy. Although he had a keen interest in acting, he couldn't climb the ladder of success as an actor.

He made his debut in the year 1995 with Major Payne and appeared in a couple of movies until he got recognization from October Sky where he portrayed the character of Quentin Wilson. In the same year, in 1999, he was succesful in making himself known with the character of Chuck "Sherminator" Sherman in American Pie.

Talking about Chris Owen's net worth and earnings, he has been able to assemble the net worth of $200 thousand. However, while struggling as an actor, he even worked at a resturant in Los Angeles. As per the reports, he was spotted serving sushi and sake at the upscale Los Angeles sushi joint, Sushi Roku in August 2013. Reportedly, he was working at the resturant for more than a year.

Chris is also known for appearing in Dorm Daze, Dorm Daze 2, Dear Wendy, Van Wilder, Bachelors, Gold Diggers, and All That Jam.