Brianna Keilar makes every heart pound faster, but it is natural to its core given the beauty she possesses. Adding to that, her intelligence makes it almost seem like she is out of this world.

But, the real question here is, how well do you know your favorite CNN reporter? Do you have any idea what is going on in her life at the moment? If the answer is no, don’t feel left out.

Keep reading, and everything will fill in.

CNN Brianna Keilar Personal Life

Brianna Keilar has her roots deep in journalism, and that is for a reason – she is just so good at it. Now, to stop you from wondering who this beauty with a brain actually is, let’s start from her personal life.

Brianna Keilar is married and to be precise, she is married quite happily, and her husband is not someone with whom you should mess with. Her husband is the military man Army Lt. Col. Fernando Lujan. The couple got engaged in July of 2016.

Brianna and Fernando married on December 30, 2016, right before New Year’s Eve in Las Vegas. Now that is the kind of wedding people love.

Brianna wanted her 2016 to end on a high note and believed that only getting married on New Year’s Eve could give her that. The wedding had 85 of her close friends and family brought together at the Mandarin Oriental Tea Lounge followed by a New Year’s Eve party in a skybox at Hakkasan.

The wedding ceremony took place at the gallery Featuring Dale Chihuly. She stated that the wedding couldn’t have been any better. For Brianna, who lost her mother to Leukemia in May 2016, this was the time to bring back the happiness to her family and close ones.

Brianna Keilar and husband Fernando Lujan
Brianna Keilar and husband Fernando Lujan on their wedding day. (instagram)

While Brianna donned a traditional white wedding dress, Fernando stole the limelight with his Army Special Uniform with all the decorated badges.

Welcoming Baby

The wedding of Brianna and Fernando perfectly and the couple became overwhelmed with the special moments they shared. But it was all just a beginning. They had a bundle of joy on their way.

Brianna revealed that she was pregnant in 2017 and the couple was over the moon after learning the news.

On June 8, 2018, the couple welcomed their first child together. Fernando came in just about time to see his son, 40 minutes early and the new parents named their firstborn Antonio Allen Martinez Lujan.

Brianna Keilar's baby son Antonia
Brianna Keilar's baby son Antonio Allen Martinez Lujan. (instagram)

The baby boy is now set to become a year old, and he’s already winning hearts.

Brianna’s Previous Married Life

Before she met Fernando, Brianna was previously married to a man named Dave French. The couple married on May 2, 2009. The wedding ceremony took place on a hilltop as the couple and guests overlooked the red rocks of Sedona.

They had their wedding reception at the Tlaquepaque with red roses, white cakes and a lot of love.

The couple stayed married for years, but later, their love grew sour. Brianna and Dave eventually got divorced.

Brianna Keilar Bio, Age, Salary, Height

Brianna Keilar was born on September 21, 1980, in Canberra, Australia. She is currently 38 years old. Brianna was born as Brianna Marie Keilar to Australian father Glenn and American mother, Mariam.

Her family moved to the United States in 1982 and she later joined Mission Viejo High School and graduated from there in 1998. She later joined the University of California and graduated from there in 2001. The same year, she received her dual bachelor’s degree in Mass Communication and Psychology.

She has worked for a network like CBS before joining CNN in 2016 as a correspondent for CNN Newsource. She is currently a correspondent as well as an anchor for CNN in Washington D.C Bureau.

Given her extensive career and position at CNN, she has a massive salary. According to sources, Brianna who stands tall at the height of 5 ft 11 inches with impressive measurements has an estimated salary of above $100 thousand and a net worth of $8 million. 

But since Brianna has not confirmed these claims in any manner, the numbers remain questionable.