In the comedy realm, there’s one person who manages to steal everyone’s hearts, and that person is Michaela Watkins. 

With her witty sense of humor and excellent talent, Michaela Watkins is a very charming actress.

But fans have a lot of questions regarding her personal life. Solving that right away, here is everything you need to know about Michaela Watkins.

Michaela Watkins Bio, Age, Parents

Casual’s actress Michaela Watkins was born on December 14, 1971, in Syracuse, United States. 

At the moment, Michaela is already 48 years old and maintains a very healthy lifestyle. 

Michaela was born to father Mark Watkins and mother Myrna Watkins. While growing up, Michaela’s parents divorced from one another and began living separately.

Her mother, Myrna Watkins, received her custody and moved to Boston.

Watkins went to Moses DeWitt Elementary School and later enrolled at the Wellesley High School. 

After high school graduation, Michaela attended Boston University and began studying acting and theatre. 

While growing up, Watkins involved herself in multiple theatre performances.

Michaela Watkins Personal Life, Husband, Children

If you already did not know, Michaela Watkins is married, and her husband’s name is Fred Kramer.

Michaela and Fred met each other on October 10, 2010, and since then have remained together.

Even after marrying Fred on July 28, Michaela still has her maiden name, which is Watkins. 

Michaela Watkins and husband Fred Kramer.
Michaela Watkins and husband Fred Kramer. (

Talking briefly about Fred Kramer, he is a very successful personality in his field. Fred Kramer currently serves as a founding partner at Reason Ventures and also serves as a General Manager for Critical Mass Studios, Inc. 

Previously, Fred served as an Executive Director for the Jewish World Watch organization. 

At the moment, Michaela Watkins and Fred Kramer do not have any children. However, they do have godchildren.

Also, Watkins and Kramer have dog names, Jeff.

Michaela Watkins Career, Casual, SNL

Initially, for Michaela, it was all about theatre performances. During her time doing theatre performances, Watkins also began performing improv comedy, which brought new opportunities for her.

In 2008, Watkins joined Saturday Night Live. When Watkins joined the show, she also made a record as the oldest female personality hired. However, the show let go of Watkins just after one season. 

Followed by the firing, Watkins stated later that the move by SNL was somewhat rude and caught her blindsided.

However, before SNL, Watkins worked as an established actress already. Watkins has appeared in movies like The Prankster, The House, Afternoon Delight, Good Boys, and many others. 

On the TV show side, Watkins appeared in Modem Men, Grey’s Anatomy, Trophy Wife, Marry Me. Among all of those, Watkin’s appearance as Valerie Meyers in Casual stands out most. 

At the moment, Michaela appears as Delia on The Unicorn.