Now into radio broadcasting, Cedric Maxwell is a veteran basketball player that many teams feared, in a skill level perspective of course.

Now retired, Maxwell has a lot to look back at and frankly, so do his fans. All his life has been about points, courtyards and whatnot. What about his personal life? Who is wife? Because when it comes to personal life, everything is hushed up.

Well, that is going to change now. Further down is an extensive look at his personal life revealing all there is about the personal life of this retired NBA MVP. Let’s hop in now.

Cedric Maxwell Wife & Family

Cedric Maxwell according to many tabloid on the internet is not married and does not have a wife. However, it cannot be any false. Cedric Maxwell is a married man has a family.

Cedric Maxwell is married and his wife name is Renee. The couple met through Cedric’s colleague Don Chaney who played with him at Boston. However, when the couple got married remains unknown.

The couple have four children together which makes a family of six altogether. The names of their children are sons Madison Maxwell & Devin Maxwell and daughters Morgan Maxwell & Shemika Maxwell.

There have been rumors that his wife name was Lois, which the Kinston native corrected stating, “My wife's name is Renee, not Lois.”

When his eldest daughter was 2 years old back in 1988, his wife Renee was pregnant with the couple’s second baby. Cedric, in an interview with Washington Post said that he will be present during the birth of his second baby.

He stated that he would make time from playing and start being an actual human being. He definitely knew that family is a priority and did not let professional life create rifts.

What Is Cedric Maxwell Age and Nickname?

Cedric Maxwell was born on November 21, 1955, in Kinston North Carolina and is currently of age 63. He attended Kinston High School and later enrolled at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte.

Cedric, who made his NBA debut in October 19, 1977 has a range of nicknames. Among nicknames like Max, Ced, The Rubberband Man and Cornbread, the last one is most popular; however, not for Cedric.

The nickname “Cornbread” came from his Melvin Watkins after the pair watched a 1975 movie ‘Cornbread, Earl and Me.’ Watkins thought the title character “Cornbread” resembled Cedric.

Cedric however, never liked it and it didn’t become that popular.

Cedric Maxwell Net Worth, How Rich Is He?

Maxwell who stands at a jaw dropping height of 6 ft 8 inches has an estimated net worth of $750 thousand as of now. He retired in 1998, two years after a trade which had him play with the Los Angeles Clippers for a season and half followed by being dealt to the Houston Rockets.

Apart from his hundreds and thousands worth of contract in the past, Cedric has most recently in September of 2018, signed a five year contract which lets him continue calling Celtics game which he has been doing since December 23 of 1997 along with Sean Grande.