Chase Chrisley. Weather you know this hot young guy depends but you just cannot overlook his last name. Sounds familiar?

Chase Chrisley is a famous guy and it all comes from his celebrity father Todd Chrisley who in turn is famous from the American Reality TV-Show Chrisley Knows Best.

While daddy Todd is more like a household name for most, Chase isn’t that much. It is about to change from today however. Who is Chase Chrisley? Is he gay or does he have a girlfriend? This descriptive bio will answer it all.

Who Is Chase Chrisley? Age, Bio, Net Worth

Chase Chrisley was born on June 1, 1996, and is currently of age 22. He was born to parents Todd Chrisley, age 49, and mother Teresa Terry, age 46.

Chase has five siblings and is third among all the children Todd and Julie share together. He is brother to Lindsie Chrisley, 29, Kyle Chrisley, 27, Savannah Chrisley, 21, and Grayson Chrisley, 12.

However, his older siblings are from his father’s second marriage to Julie Chrisley after divorcing Julie in 1996; the year he was born.

Naturally, for someone who has been in the spot light for this long, people have questions regarding his net worth. However, in this department, it looks like the “Chrisleys don’t know best.”

Before coming down to his net worth, let’s look at his father’s net worth. Todd Chrisley currently holds a net worth of negative $5 million. That is right. $5 million but in negative.

On the other hand, mama Chrisley seems to doing quite fine as she has an estimated net worth of $3 million. Now coming back to the middle child.

Unfortunately, Chase currently has no identified net worth whatsoever. But looking at his lifestyle, the debts looks to be just a front. Who know, just saying!

Now, let’s steer to his personal life.

Is Chase Chrisley Gay? Girlfriend, Dating

Chase, who currently stands at a handsome height of 5 ft. 4 inches is unsurprisingly, not gay. Given his history of dating, having fine girlfriends, he is surely not a gay man. However, his own brother once claimed that his daddy Chrisley is a gay man.

While estranged son Kyle claims father to be gay, Chase’s mother says otherwise and believes the rumors to be baseless.

Chase was previously dating Brooke Noury who came into the spotlight for dating Chase. Chase and Brooke started dating back in 2015. After about 3 years of dating, Chase and Instagram model girlfriend Brooke split and break up.

Later, it was revealed that Chase’s family didn’t like his then girlfriend for the long part of their relationship. Now, he is dating someone else and it checks all boxes.

The biasedly rumored Chase Chrisley is currently dating Lindsey Merrick who is from Long Island. The couple somewhere in mid-2018 and now she is already a part of the Chrisley family.

Todd Chrisley recently took the couple’s loved up picture to his Instagram to announce his son’s relationship with girlfriend Lindsey officially. He captioned,

“This just makes me smile, I’m so thrilled to formally introduce to the world one of the sweetest souls around, we are so blessed to have this young lady.”

He finished off the post saying that the whole family loves her.

The next step for Chase? Get Engaged! Get Engaged! Get Engaged! And married maybe? Until the couple tie the knot and become the most adorable couple ever.