Zain Asher is already a very famous reporter and adds up to that fame; she is also the sister of Chiwetel Ejiofor. Yes, the very same Chiwetel Ejiofor who appears in multiple successful Hollywood movies.

Today, we talk about Zain Asher because as it turns out, people know an awful less about this stunning journalist.

Here, everything from her early life to husband, family, and other details.

Zain Asher Early Life – Bio, Age, Education

CNN reporter Zain Asher was born on August 27, 1983, in London, England. Zain is currently 35 years old. Zain was born to father Arinze and mother Obiajulu.

In London, Asher grew up with her parents and her brother Chiwetel Ejiofor who at the moment, the world recognizes as one of the most sought after actor.

Zain shares the Igbo ancestry and comes from black ethnicity since her family hails from the Enugu State in Nigeria.

When it comes to education, Zain enrolled at the University of Oxford in 2001. She graduated from the University with a BA in French and Spanish in 2005.

The same year, Asher joined the Columbia University – Graduate School of Journalism where she graduated with Master of Science in Broadcast Journalism in 2006

Zain Asher Personal Life – Married, Husband

This is where a lot of men out their clutch their heart and wish for Asher to be single. However, her fans know she is not.

Zain Asher is, in fact, married, and her husband is someone we have known for quite some time.

Yes. Enough with the suspense.

Zain Asher is married to Steve Peoples, the Chief Political Writer for The Associated Press. Zain and met in early 2010 and fell in love after talking and meeting for a few times.

In April of 2016, Asher and Peoples got engaged and started planning for a wedding. The wedding took place as planned.

 Zain Asher and Steve Peoples married in an intimate wedding ceremony on October 3, 2017, that took place in Sintra, Portugal in front of family and friends.

Zain Asher and husband Steve Peoples on Wedding Day
Zain Asher and husband Steve Peoples on Wedding Day. (

Zain gushingly posted wedding pictures on her Instagram for her followers to see.


In late 2018, Zain Asher and husband Steve Peoples welcomed their first baby together. She revealed about her pregnancy a couple of months ago after the baby bump began noticeably.

Although Zain does not talk about her son’s birthday, she did post a picture of the whole family on a beach.

Zain Asher, husband and baby
Zain Asher, husband and baby. (

Zain and Steve are very much in love with their children and remain very content with their small little family.

At the moment, Zain does not talk about having another baby, and neither does Steve.


Zain started her career as a TV reporter for News 12 Network back in 2010. Asher then moved to Money Magazine as a reporter and then officially joined the CNN network as a National Correspondent.

At the moment, Asher serves as an Anchor for CNN Network, and undoubtedly, she has a massive net worth.