Cody James might just be one of the most handsome MLB players in 2020. Yes, that’s a title that many women agree to. 

There’s more about Cody that might interest Baseball fans. For anyone who does not know already, Cody is taken by a smoking hot model.

Here’s everything about his relationship status, married, and more. 

Is Cody Bellinger Married? Wife, Girlfriend

As of 2020, Cody Bellinger is not married. However, that does not mean this Los Angeles Dodgers Outfielder is single. 

He’s dating a beautiful woman named Chase Carter, who is a professional model with an impressive resume. 

Chase Carter was born on June 10, 1997, in Nassau, The Bahamas. She’s 23 years old and stands at a tall height of 5 feet 9 inches. 

Just two years younger than Cody, the couple began dating most recently in 2020. 

Chase made her dating relationship with Cody Instagram official when she posted a picture of the couple kissing.

Cody Bellinger kisses girlfriend Chase Carter
Cody Bellinger kisses girlfriend Chase Carter. (

On October 18, Chase posted a picture where the couple kissed through ground nets. Cody ran towards the sidelines where girlfriend Chase was and landed a kiss during a game against Atlanta Braves. 

Cody Bellinger and girlfriend Chase Carter.
Cody Bellinger and girlfriend Chase Carter. (

Fans are already labeling Cody and Chase as their favorite couple. 

Does this mean that this young couple will get married? Well, just now, it’s very soon to tell. However, they will make an amazing husband and wife. 

Chase Carter Bio, Background, Career

Cody Bellinger’s beautiful girlfriend Chase Carter was born on June 10, 1997, in The Bahamas. She’s 23 years old.

Chase grew up in The Bahamas, where she knew a lot of people. In an interview, Chase stated that almost everyone is a friend or relative back in The Bahamas. 

She attended high school in her hometown and participated in all kinds of sports activities. She jokingly said how she was the number one Javelin Thrower in the Bahamas because she was the only one playing the sport. 

At the age of 13, an agent saw Chase and talked with her mother, offering an opportunity in modeling. 

Although her father, who is into the media and broadcast business, was against this idea, thinking it was a scam, Chase and her mother took the chance.

By 16, Chase already began making decent money from modeling and started living independent like

To date, Chase has worked for companies like Seventeen Magazine, Ralph Lauren, Maybelline, and Pink (Victoria’s Secret.)

She also appeared on the cover of Maxim Magazine. 

Standing tall at the height of 5 feet 9 inches, with blue eyes, Carter has a very bright future in modeling.

Cody Bellinger Contract & Net Worth

Bellinger’s professional baseball career began in 2013. While Bellinger made a verbal commitment to play for the University of Oregon, he went with Los Angeles Dodgers when they signed him in the 2013 MLB draft.

The team offered Cody a $700,000 signing bonus. 

It was not until 2017 when Bellinger switched from minor to the major league. In 2017, Cody signed a $500 thousand, one-year contract with the team. 

In 2018, he signed another one-year contract worth $585 thousand, followed by a $600 thousand contract in 2019.

Los Angeles Dodgers offered a massive $11.5 million, one-year contract with Cody in 2020. It’s 19 times more than what he made in 2019. 

Bellinger has a very solid career run going on. He’s already hit 12 home runs in 2020 and a career total of 123 home runs. 

Given his massive bump in contract amount, Cody’s current net worth is $2 million. 

Cody Bellinger Age, Birthday, Family

Cody Bellinger, the American professional baseball player, was born on July 13, 1995, in Scottsdale, Arizona. He’s 25 years old.

His parents are Clay Bellinger and Jennifer Bellinger. Cody has one brother named Cole Bellinger and one sister named Ashil Bellinger, who is engaged to Kurt Korver. 

Bellinger went to Hamilton High School.