Helena Hong played a very funny role as an HR in the famous HBO series called Silicon Valley. But how much do you know about her in real life?

As a prominent comedian and also an actress, they're a lot to Helen than just banter.

Did you know Helen had a boyfriend from Wisconsin? Well, this is just the start. There’s plenty you should know about Helen.

Helen Hong Bio, Age, Family

Jane, the Virgin actress Helen Hong was born on July 7, 1985, in Los Angeles. As of now, Helen’s age is 34 years old.

Born to Asian parents, Helen also shares the same background and virtues of the Asian community. However, the western lifestyle also has played a massive role in developing her unique personality.

Talking about her parents and family, the Hong family are native Koreans who immigrated to the United States back in the days.

Born in the United States, Helen is American by nationality but has strong national feelings towards Korea.

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Helen joined the Tottenville High School and later transferred to North Andover High School.

After high school graduation, Helen went to the University of Massachusetts, and from there, she graduated in 1996.

Helen Hong Personal Life, Dating, Boyfriend

When it comes to attractive and young women, this question gets thrown around a lot. Needless to say, everyone out there wants to know Helen’s relationship status.

The answer to the question if Helen has a boyfriend or not, the answer, surprisingly, is no.

Now, don’t yet knock your socks off in relief because there’s a catch here.

Helen isn’t really open about her personal life and relationship per se. The reason why people think that Helen does not have a boyfriend may be because Helen wants people to think that way.

There are a lot of celebrities out there who hide their relationship, and Helen may be among those ranks.

Horrible Boyfriend Experience

One time, while doing her thing on stage, Helen revealed one of her relationships, and from the sound of it, that did not work out.

Hong revealed that she once dated a guy from Wisconsin and how that unidentified man was a lazy one.

Reportedly, the man from Wisconsin that Hong was dating relied on her rising career so that he won’t have to work later.

Hong’s ex-boyfriend said that he couldn’t wait for Hong to get famous and rich so that he won’t have to work.

Well, Helen had her own conditions to that and required her partner to hit the gym and get a body like Ryan Gosling, one of the world’s most handsome man alive.

Helen Hong Career, Comedy, TV Show

During the initial days of Hong’s career, there was a lot of trying new things. When Hong went to Caroline’s on Broadway, Hong realized that Stand-up comedy gravitated her the most.

Since then, Helen performed at different clubs as a stand-comedian and began making a career out of it. Some of the clubs that Helen performed at The Laugh Factory, Flappers Comedy Club, The Holly Improv, and so on.

During her career span, Helen also worked with TV shows and media houses. Hong has worked as director/producer for BBC, Half Yard Productions, and more. Hong also serves as a panelist for NPR since 2016.

Helen made her TV debut in 2013 in Inside Llewyn Davis. Later, Hong appeared in shows like Pretty Little Liars, Inside Amy Schumer, Step 13, and more.

Among her most prominent work remain in Parks and Recreation, Blunt Talk, Jane the Virgin, The Thurdermans.

Hong also appeared in HBO’s famous show Silicon Valley as an HR admin. At the moment, Hong appears as Emma in The Unicorn.