If you love comedy then you’ll surely love what Mitra Jouhari does in general. That’s because when do you usually get a chance to see a young and beautiful woman do comedy. 

As attractive and young woman Mitra Jouhari is, there are a lot of things that people do not know about. For example, her ethnicity, and everything else after that.

If you did not know, Mitra is also dating a young man. A very young man.

Who Is Mitra Jouhari? Bio, Age, Background, Ethnicity

Writer of The President’s Show, Mitra Jouhari, was born on January 19, 1993. At the moment, Mitra is 27 years old. 

Jouhari was born to an Iranian (Persian) father and an American mother. Her father moved to the United States and began studying here. While studying at high school in Louisville, Kentucky, Jouhari’s parents met each other.

Jouhari also proudly claims her Iranian roots and loves visiting Iran, where her grandparents live.

Born to parents sharing mixed ethnicity, Mitra sometimes found herself as a victim of racism while growing up. However, she did not know what racism was until later in life.

While growing up, Mitra contemplated becoming a med student, pursuing neuroscience as a major.

However, later she realized that wasn’t fit for her and steered to comedy instead.

Mitra Jouhari Dating. Who Is Boyfriend?

In case you did not know this, Mitra Jouhari is dating, and her boyfriend is also a young man. You may also feel like he is a little too young, but who are we to judge here. 

But it also looks like Mitra is deceiving everyone.

Mitra Jouhari is dating a young man named Whitmer Thomas, a very young and talented personality. 

Mitra Jouhari with boyfriend Whitmer Thomas.
Mitra Jouhari with boyfriend Whitmer Thomas. (instagram.com)

Briefly talking about Whitmer Thomas, he is an aspiring actor, producer and also an artist. Whitmer has worked in Stone Quackers, Sword of Trust, and many others. 

Most recently, Whitmer also released an album called The Golden One.

It was now getting back to the age part. It looks like Jouhari deceived everyone. Most recently, Jouhari posted a picture of Whitmer, wishing him a happy birthday and stating that Whitmer turned 19.

Jouhari is 27, and the fact that her boyfriend is 19 years old did not make any sense. That was because he is 19.

Whitmer Thomas was born on born on May 3, 1988. This makes Whitmer 32 years old at the moment.

How Long Have Jouhari and Thomas Been Dating?

It turns out that Whitmer and Jouhari haven’t been together that long. Whitmer and Jouhari began dating only a year ago, and that it.

However, people who know these two love their relationship in general. 

Mitra Jouhari Career, TV Shows, Comedy Central

Earlier mentioned, Mitra began leaning towards the comic industry when she did not think med school was the right fit for her. 

After realizing that, Mitra leaned towards improv comedy. Mitra also always remained an avid Daily Show fan and wanted to enter the show as well.

When they came to her college, she bluntly asked if they took interns and, surprisingly, got in the Daily Show as an intern.

Mitra worked as an actress in various TV shows like Broad City, Phone Story, Miracle Workers, High Maintenance, and, most recently, Three Busy Debras. 

Jouhari is also famous as a writer who has written for The President Show, High Maintenance, Miracle Workers, and Three Busy Debras.