Started with a musical career in 2003, Daisy de la Hoya gained huge public recognition after landing in the second season of Rock of Love in 2008. She gained more fame after she launched her own show titled Daisy of Love in VH1 in 2009.

But where is Daisy de la Hoya now? Has she married already or is she still in search of her Mr. Right in 2021? Let’s find it out.

Daisy de la Hoya’s Relationship Status

If you have watched the Rock of Love 2, you might have seen her competing for Bret Michael’s love. Likewise, you might have seen others competing for her love in Daisy of Love. However, she found love only a year after VH1 aired her dating show.

Daisy met Canadian actor Corey Haim through their mutual friend Corey Feldman at a Super Bowl Party. The couple began dating shortly following instant chemistry after their first meeting.

Unfortunately, their love couldn’t blossom more as Corey passed away on 10 March 2010. As Corey had a history of addiction, the reason for his death was assumed to be a drug overdose. But contrary to the assumption, pneumonia was declared as the reason for his death.

After the tragedy struck, Daisy opened up that she would have liked a better ending with her then-boyfriend.

Although Daisy was linked with several renowned personalities like Tommy Lee, Dave Navarro, and Joshua Lee in the past, her love life in 2021 has been miles away from the reach of media.

Since there is no evidence of Daisy getting married already, she doesn’t seem to have a husband. Likewise, there is no information about her boyfriend in 2021.

Daisy de la Hoya Net Worth

The reality star assembled international fame with the shows like Rock Of Love 2 and Daisy of Love. With that, she also bagged a wonderful salary. She also gathered some revenue as a singer. Daisy has recorded bass and backing vocals for "Halloween Sex N Vegas," Seraphim Shock's highly acclaimed full-length album.

Daisy toured with them from 2004 to 2006 and released her first single titled Heartbreaker in 2007. She then released “Pretty Messed Up” and then landed on Rock of Love 2 in 2008.

She also appeared in Text (2008) Hick (2011), Pagent vs. Playmate (2011), and Skum Rocks! (2013).

With all that, the reality star and singer Daisy de la Hola’s net worth is estimated to be $250 thousand.

Short Bio, Height & Weight

The American actress and reality television personality Daisy de la Hola was born on October 21, 1983, as Vanessa Mossman in Los Angeles, California.

Daisy, who is currently at the age of 37, was in drug addiction and had cleaned up before 2016. She has experienced hardships and tragedy throughout her life and is committed to giving back through her altruistic endeavors.

Talking about Daisy’s height, she is 5 feet 2 inches (1.57) tall. Likewise, her weight is measured to be 52 kg. She has also inked beautiful tattoos in her hands.