What does a man want more than a prosperous career, a loving wife and a family that breaks any family goals and sets new one? Well, in short, nothing else.

Ron Shelton has everything that a man requires to live a happy life. Shelton has a super successful career, a loving wife and a perfect family. Here is everything that makes this man’s life a heaven on earth.

Ron Shelton Personal Life: Wife, Married

Let’s first start talking about the prolific personal life of Ron Shelton because this is something that people do not really know about.

Ron Shelton is married, and his wife is the famous actress Lolita Davidovich. Of course, you remember Lolita from her iconic appearances in dozens of movies. Some of the most famous ones are Blaze, Dark Blue.

Ron and Lolita met for the first time on a movie set. Back in the late 1980s, Ron and Lolita met at the set of “Blaze.” Ron was directing the movie, and Lolita portrayed the lead character of the stripper Blaze Starr.

From then on, formal acquaintance shaped into friendly gestures, and soon both began dating each other.

After years of dating, Ron and Lolita married each other in the year 1997, and things have only grown romantic ever since.

The second time turned out to be a charm for Ron because his marriage with Lolita is his second one. You never knew that?

Ron Shelton was previously married to a woman named Lois Shelton and also welcomed two children with her. Two daughters named Stephanie Shelton and Gabrielle Shelton. Due to some personal reasons, Ron and Lois split and got a divorce.

Ron Shelton Family: Son & Daughter

Apart from having two children from his first marriage with Lois Shelton, Ron and Lolita have two children. Ron and Lolita first welcomed a daughter named Valentina Shelton.

After a couple of years later, Ron and Lolita welcomed a son together and named him Anton Shelton.

Ron Shelton, wife Lolita Davidovich and children
Ron Shelton, wife Lolita Davidovich and children. (gettyimages.com)

As of now, the whole family remains a very close-knit one and likes to spend time together.

Director Ron Shelton Bio, Career

Famous director Ron Shelton was born on September 15, 1945, in Whittier, California, United States of America. As of now, Ron is 73 years old, and he maintains very fit health.

Ron has three siblings, and he is the oldest of them all. As a young man, Ron went to the Santa Barbara High School followed by enrolling at the University of Arizona and Westmont College.

Ron did not always show interest in movie making as his career initially leaned towards sports. As a young man, Ron previously pursued a career in baseball and got as far as becoming a minor league baseball infielder.

Shelton’s career in the film industry began as a writer for Bull Durham in 1988. From there, Shelton has worked on many movies which as writer and director alike.

Shelton’s famous works include Blaze, White Men Can’t Jump, Tin Cup, Hollywood Homicide, Hound Dogs, Under Fire, Blue Chips, Dark Blue and many more.

Net Worth

With a prolific career as a writer and director, Ron Shelton has accumulated a massive fortune. As of now, Ron Shelton has a net worth that ranged above $1 million.

However, the exact figure remains a mystery as of now.