You may know Dj Ruckus for his music and talent, and that is very much fine with everyone. But do you know what else he is known for?

For marrying one of the most beautiful girls in existence right now. Shanina Shaik, a supermodel who walks for Victoria Secrets.

Here is everything you need to know about DJ Ruckus

DJ Ruckus Bio, Age

DJ Ruckus was born as Greg Andrews on October 10, 1983, in New York City. Ruckus is currently 35 years old. As the most sought after DJ in the world by GQ magazine, Rukus started spinning early.

At the age of 14, his parents gifted him turntables which ignited a whole new fire for music creation. With sheer consistency, Rukus quickly progressed, and in two years, he started playing in Miami clubs.

While he started playing in major parties and created hype, Rukus grabbed the attention of Sean Combs or otherwise, also known as P. Diddy, a rap mogul and business magnate.

With the help of Combs, Ruckus got a career boost and soon, made it into the top lists of DJs around the world.


Rukus and supermodel Shanina Shaik met back in 2015 at a Coachella music festival. Shanina was always an admirer and a fan of Rukus because he was so good at his work.

The couple met through mutual friends later and started dating shortly. Rukus and the Australian born Shanina dated in secrecy for the entire early 2015.

In July, they confirmed their relationship publicly, and that is where all the social media action started happening.

In October of 2015, just over half a year later, Rukus proposed to Shanina on the Bahamian beach. Rukus also met with Shanina’s parents shortly after.


While some people thought that the couple rushed into getting engaged too fast, Rukus and Shanina did not think it that way.

For the couple, getting married and securing a future was more of a priority. As an engaged to get married couple, Rukus and Shanina started planning for a wedding.

But only one place came into their mind. It was the place where Rukus proposed her so naturally, the Bahamian beach holds a special place in their lives.

Rukus and Shanina married in the Bahamian beach in April of 2018.

DJ Ruckus and wife Shanina  Shaik on wedding day in April, 2018
DJ Ruckus and wife Shanina  Shaik on the wedding day in April 2018. (

As it so happens, Rukus’ cousin Lenny Kravitz, an American musician, singer, and songwriter. While the groom wore a black tux, Shanina stole the show with her see-through embroidered wedding gown.

The wedding went on like a fairytale which also included the flow of drinks and loads and loads of Tequila. Everyone celebrated the couple and danced away the night.

At the moment, the couple are enjoying their time as husband and wife. There are no talks about having a baby anytime soon since both are very busy with their ever growing career.

DJ Ruckus Net Worth

With the immense talent on board (no pun intended), DJ Ruckus is undoubtedly one of the most talented and, we don’t even have to mention this but, extremely famous.

However, the professional Disc Jockey is relatively low-key about his earnings. Rukus travels extensively and indulges in expensive luxury.

He also rides private planes which signal Rukus is living “The Life.” At the moment, Rukus most probably has a net worth in millions.

On the other hand, his wife Shanina Shaik has a massive net worth of $10 million