She has been taking the world by storm for quite a while now – decades to be fair.

However, Donna Brazile still has a lot of mystery up her sleeve. Known for conjuring up political strategies and managing campaigns, Donna has recently agreed to become a contributor for Fox News.

All this only raises more curiosity about what goes behind all these professional hustles. Keep reading, and you just may find out everything.

Donna Brazile Married, Husband, Gay, LGBT

Indeed, the achievements of Donna Brazile has never given anybody a chance to think about what lies beyond her personal life and the facts that are quite important for her fans and followers to know.

Is Donna Brazile married with a husband or belongs to the gay and lesbian community?

Well, Donna has openly retaliated to the proposition of revealing her personal life to the media and the internet and claims to be openly ambiguous when things start pointing towards her personal life.

While she has not married and does not have a husband at the moment, does she have a furtive partner?

Donna has always been a very public advocate of the LGBT community and often speaks about it. In a 1999 New York Times magazine interview, Donna revealed that she was looking for a relationship before becoming Gore’s campaign manager.

She found it, but it lasted a measly two weeks. She later said that she had an option to choose from being a “bitch or a whore” and she decided to go with the first option.

She has also been questioned about her sexual orientation, but she declined. She said that she would have a sexual orientation if she had a personal life.

As of now, Donna is not married. However, the fact that she is a lesbian and dating secretly remains a mystery.

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Brazile and Mayor Bowser Married Rumor

Most recently, rumors began surfacing the internet regarding Brazile's hidden married life.

Of course, a lot of fans have been wondering and asking a is Donna Brazile married or not.

Fans on Twitter suggested that Donna Brazile is married to D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser. 

DC Mayor Bowser is MARRIED to DNC’s own Donna Brazille. These 2 women were also at the hospital when Seth Rich was brought there after being shot and left for dead. Still wondering why this Mayor is doing whatever she can to cause even more chaos in DC?

— Kasey (@KaseyQ17) June 5, 2020

Mayor Muriel Bowser is 48 years old, about 12 years younger than Donna. Also, she has a child that she adopted in 2018. 

Now, the source of the rumor is quite unknown which seems quite suspicious as well. However, what seems to have fueled this rumor is the fact that Bowser is an openly lesbian personality.

As far as speculations go, Donna Brazile belongs to the LGBTQ+ community as well. 

However, trusted sources believe that Mayor Bowser has never married.

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Donna Brazile NAACP Award

Donna Brazile is currently all set to receive some awards as she has bagged herself a win and a nomination. The 50th NAACP award function is set to air on March 30, Saturday.

Before this, she has also been nominated for multiple Emmy Awards.

Donna Brazile Hair, Weight

Apart from all the contributions that Donna Brazile has made, she has also her iconic hair that people so love. She experiments a lot with her hair. However, one time when she colored her hair lavender, the media just blew.

Another aspect of Donna Brazile that has changed over the years is her weight. Many may have noticed that Donna has a noticeably slimmer face and body now when compared to the past.

Donna Brazile before and after weight loss and hair transformation. (Source:

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How Old Is Donna Brazile? Age, Bio, Net Worth

Donna Brazile was born on December 15, 1959, in New Orleans and is currently at age 60. She attended the Grace King High School and later graduated from Louisiana State University.

Apart from holding the Interim Chair at the Democratic National Committee, she has also been serving as an Adjunct Professor since 2002. Most recently on 18 March 2019, Donna signed to become a contributor for Fox News

While her earnings are not quite clear, Donna Brazile has an estimated net worth of $3 million. When it comes to earnings, Donna is also an author and has four books published so far.

Her books are Cooking with Grease, Hacks The Inside Story of the Break-ins and Breakdowns That Put Donald Trump in the White House, For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Politics, and Hacks: The Inside Story.