Hailing from mixed ethnicity, Elita Loresca is one of the most beautiful women a man can every witness. And fortunately, people can see her most of the time.

We are talking about the newscaster who shines brighter than Sirius – you know, the brightest star in the sky?

Well, Elita is just more than a pretty face as she has a lot to offer when it comes to her personal life. Here is everything about this beautiful newscaster – husband, children, family.

Elita Loresca Bio, Age, Education – Early Life

 The beautiful ABC13 newscaster Elita Loresca was born on June 28, 1997, in the Philippines. Loresca is currently 41 years old, but looking at her, no one believes she is in the early 40s.

While only ten months old, Loresca and her parents moved to the United States in the hopes of a better future of the family.

After admitting and studying for years, Loresca graduated from the Chino High School, where she also played basketball back in 1995. After that, Loresca went on to study at the Cal State Fullerton.

Loresca studied Broadcast Journalism at Cal State Fullerton followed by acquiring a certificate of Broadcast Meteorology at the Mississippi State University.

Moreover, if all the degrees were not enough, Elita also has a Seal of Approval from the American Meteorological Society.

Elita Loresca Personal Life – Husband, Married, Family

Her loyal viewers and followers know that Elita is married as she so proudly mentions in the bio of her social media platforms. But many are still oblivious to who that man is.

We have the answer regarding her husband right here.

Elita Loresca is married to a man named Ryan Nuveman. Why does that name sound familiar? That is because Elita’s husband, Ryan Nuveman, is the brother of a famous softball player named Stacey Nuveman.

While his professional career remains unknown at the moment, Ryan gives very good survival tips and ideas. In 2017, he shared how people can have safe drinking water and other facilities during storms.

The couple dated for many years before getting married. On September 4, 2010, Elita and Ryan married each other in a very intimate wedding ceremony by the sea.

Elita Loresca and husband Ryan Nuveman on wedding day
Elita Loresca and husband Ryan Nuveman on wedding day. (Instagram.com)

While Ryan is American, both born and raised in the USA, Elita immigrated to the USA at the age of 10 months. While birthplace lies in the Philippines, she considers the USA much more of a home. And with husband by her side, everything is great.

Elita Loresca Family

After getting married, Elita and husband Ryan welcomed their first child a year later on September 2011. Elita and Ryan, the husband and wife, welcomed their first baby, a son.

In October of 2014, Elita and Ryan welcomed their second baby, a baby girl. As of now, they do not have any plans of getting pregnant with another baby.

Elita Loresca, husband Ryan Nuveman with son and daughter
Elita Loresca, husband Ryan Nuveman with son and daughter. (Instagram.com)

It looks like Elita is content with the family of four. Her son plays football in school while her daughter is taking ballerina classes.

Elita Loresca Salary

The hot newscaster with jaw-dropping measurements has a very successful career. Elita started her career as a news associate at KCBS-TV, and from there she has worked in other successful networks.

During gaining knowledge and experience, Elita has worked with KGPE-TV, KGET-TV, WSVN, and others

At the moment, Loresca works as a newscaster for ABC13 with a massive six figures salary.