Maria Sansone holds such a grace that we find ourselves a little skeptical if she is even real. Such a powerful personality with charm as light as a butterfly, Maria is a heartstring.

With a life full of joy and happiness, Maria has a lot to share with her fans and followers. Here are every Sansone details that you out to know.

Maria Sansone Personal Life: Husband, Married Life

Anyone who lays eyes on Maria while she does her magic on the TV screen is instantly mesmerized. There’s a cause for that – her beauty.

However, everyone is not as lucky to have her, except for Joshua Guthartz. Who is Joshua, you ask? Maria Sansone’s husband.

Yes, this news probably hit you hard like a supersonic train, but it’s true. Maria is married, and by the looks of it, she is very, very happily married.

After dating for quite some time in the late 2000s, Maria and Joshua married each other on July 27, 2008, in a very intimate wedding ceremony.

Maria Sansone and husband Joshua on wedding day
Maria Sansone and husband Joshua on wedding day. (

Maria and Joshua invited their closest friends and families and made the whole affair magical.

Who Is Husband Joshua Sansone?

Maria’s husband is a fairly furtive personality but fortunately, this is going to change from today onwards.

Joshua is a very successful person in his profession, which stays far away from all the limelight. A Jewish by religion, Joshua has a very strong faith in his traditions.

Professionally, Joshua serves as a principal for JAG Retail Properties, Inc., and he’s been with the company for over three years.

Joshua studied at the Marblehead High School, and after graduating in 1999, he joined the Syracuse University – School of Management where he pursued Bachelor of Science and Business Administration.

Graduating with a Bachelor degree did not satisfy Joshua, so he went to New York University – School of Graduate and received a Master degree in Real Estate Finance & Investment.

Joshua started her career as a Sales Representative at PAYCHEX, INC. in 2003.

Maria and Joshua’s Family

After marrying in 2008, Maria and Joshua took a couple of years to get ready before planning for a family. In December of 2013, Maria and Joshua welcomed their first child, a baby girl.

They named her Gracie. Taking some time to raise their beautiful daughter, Maria again became pregnant with another baby at the end of 2017.

On August 7, 2017, Maria and husband Joshua welcomed another baby into their lives and named him Benjamin.

The whole family couldn’t be any happier at the moment as they go to places and have fun.

Maria Sansone, husband Joshua and two children
Maria Sansone, husband Joshua, and two children. (

When Maria has to travel because of work, she says that coming home is the best part of her whole trip. At the moment, there lies no information about Maria and Joshua planning another baby.

Maria Sansone Education, Career and Net Worth

As far as education goes, Maria enrolled herself at one of the most prestigious universities in the whole world. Maria went to the S.I. Newhouse School, Syracuse University and pursued Bachelor of Science while particularly focusing on Television, Radio, and Film.

Maria started her professional career in Journalism as a VJ for MTV Networks in 2003 and worked there for three years.

From there, Maria moved to Embassy Row as a Host and in 2008, joined the NBC News as a field reporter and host.

In 2012, Maria joined ABC Network as a Correspondent/ Producer and in seven months moved to FOX Television Station as News Anchor and host.

As of now, Maria, who has reached the height of success, earns a massive annual salary of over $100 thousand and has a considerable net worth.

Maria Sansone Bio, Age

American journalist Maria Sansone was born on February 26, 1981, in Erie, Pennsylvania. At the moment, Maria is 38 years old. However, with a healthy living adaptation, her glow never fades away.

Although born in America, Maria, who stands at an impressive height of 5ft and 6 inches has Italian ancestry.

Maria currently lives in Santa Monica, California with her husband Joshua, two children and a dog named Ralphie.