It’s the “Gut feeling.” You surely know this phrase, having said this a couple of times yourself. But how well do you know him?

It is just hard to wonder who could be married to a fierce guy like this. Well, the answer is right here. Meet Greg Gutfeld’s wife.

Greg Gutfeld Married, Wife, Gay (Personal Life)

Greg Gutfeld, a self-proclaimed “agnostic atheist” is someone who can never lose an argument. He comes up with things people have barely thought about whether it is politics or any news in general.

An intense guy like him must have someone strong as well to control him or at least tolerate him. Well, that is what you thought. Greg Gutfeld is a married man, and he is an entirely different person when around lovely wife.

Greg Gutfeld is married to Elena Moussa, a runaway model who later turned into a photo editor for Maxim Russia. The couple met in 2004 when Greg, then newly appointed Editor-in-chief for Maxim U.K. attended a conference in Portugal.

Excitingly, iIt was love at first sight for Greg as he asked the Russian Editor who Elena was after seeing her for the first time. He hit on Elena Moussa for a couple of days before finally, Elena who kept turning a cold shoulder to Greg agreed. That is how things went off.

On the same year they met, Elena, who is 5 ft. 10 inches, moved to London to be with him and got married in December of 2004 in a civil ceremony in New York. The couple usually goes on vacation during their wedding anniversary. They have been married for around 15 years now.

Greg Gutfeld with wife Elena Moussa
Greg Gutfeld and wife Elena Moussa (

There have been rumors that Greg Gutfeld is gay. But the fact that he has a beautiful model wife says otherwise. The couple does not have any children at the moment.

Greg Gutfeld Show, Salary, Net Worth

Greg joined the Fox News Network in 2007 and has appeared on many shows including Red Eye w/ Greg Gutfeld. He later went on to become co-host and one of the panelists for The Five where hosts sat and discussed their political opinion.

His first fox news shows Red Eye w/ Greg Gutfeld got replaced and turned into Red Eye by Tom Shillue in 2015. After some months, he started his late night show in the network called The Greg Gutfeld Show.

On this show, Greg makes parodies of current events and talks about ongoing issues. His key role is injecting a comic twist to any news at hand.

Undeniably, Greg has a mass following, and people love his outrageous way of delivering the news. That also means that the network is paying Greg pretty well. How well you ask? What about an estimated $2 million annually.

This huge salary has managed to get his net worth an estimated $5 million. On the other hand, his wife is doing well for herself as well. She has her venture, a fashion shop called “Moussa Project.”

Greg Gutfeld Bio, Age

Greg Gutfeld, the American journalist, was born on September 12, 1964, in San Mateo, California. He is currently of age 54. Greg joined the Junípero Serra High School and later graduated in 1987 with B.A in English University of California, Berkeley.

Initially, Greg Gutfeld started his career as an intern at The American Spectator as an assistant. He has worked as a staff writer, editor for different magazines and editor-in-chief for Men’s Health and Stuff. At the moment, Greg runs his self-titled show on Fox News.