He remains a close person in contact with Geroge W. Bush, former president of the United States; he’s also a very important personality in politics. 

His name is Karl Rove, and here’s everything that you should know about this amazing man.

Karl Rove Bio, Age, Background, Parents

A noted political consultant and figure, Karl Rove was born on December 25, 1950, in Denver, United States.

At the moment, Rove is 69 years old, and there are no rumors about declining health as he is living a fit life.

Rove was born to American parents; thus, he’s an American by nationality. Born on December 25, Rove’s zodiac sign is Capricorn

Born in Denver, Colorado, Rove and his family in which his parents had five children, including him, moved to Salt Lake City.

There Rove began attending the Olympus High School and began showing political traits in skills like debating. 

On family situation, Rove’s parents divorced when Rove was 19 years old after an acrimonious fight. Later, Karl also came to know from his relatives that the man Rove’s mother married was not his biological father. 

Currently, Karl lives in Washington, D.C, and has other properties in Florida.

Karl Rove Personal Life – Married Thrice

Like his parents, Karl also isn’t that fortunate when it comes to personal life and marriage. He has multiple failed marriages as well.

Karl married a woman named Valerie Mather Wainwright back on July 10, 1976. Valerie was a socialite, and the couple had a very extravagant marriage a well. 

Unfortunately, even the extravagance did not build a solid foundation of marriage for Rove and Wainwright as they divorced in the early 80s. 

After staying single for a couple of years, Rove met another woman named Darby Tara Hickson, who worked in Karl Rove & Company previously and was a professional graphic designer.

After dating for some time, Rove and Hickson married each other in early 1986. They also welcomed a son together and named him Andrew Madison Rove. 

The second marriage lasted a little longer than the first one, as Karl and Darby divorced in 2009. 

Three years later, Karl married another woman named Karen Johnson. Karen works as a lobbyist. At the moment, Rove and Johnson split their time between their couple of homes in Washington, D.C, and Florida. 

Karl Rove Career Snippet

Rove began his career since college days. Since then, succeeding in college politics, Rove began involving himself in political campaigns.

In 1978, Rove joined the George W. Bush congressional campaign as an advisor. He also had involvement in William Clements, Jr campaign in 1982 and 1984. Later in 1984, Rove handled mails for the Ronald Regan campaign as well. 

In 1992, a controversial interview regarding his point of view towards Robert Mosbacher Jr’s fundraising campaign, Bush presidential campaign, fired him. 

In 1994, Rove associated his company with campaign promotions and again in 1998 Bush’s gubernatorial campaign. 

In 1999, Rove became chief strategist for W. Bush’s campaign, and later, when Bush won the election, Rove became Senior Advisor and later got promoted to Deputy Chief of Staff. 

After leaving the White House, Rove began doing seminars and also appeared on Fox News as a political analyst.

What is Karl Rove Net Worth? 

Karl Rove currently has a massive net worth of $8 million. Rove has earned from his company Karl Rove & Company which he later sold in 1999. He also earned massively from his position as the Deputy Chief of Staffs and later by appearing in seminars and TV appearances.