Keeping it fresh in front of the camera is what Liz Claman is pretty good at, but it takes a lot more than what people perceive.

Although always maintaining her composure, Liz Claman is one hell of a mom and a wife too. She manages to juggle everything, keep family in check and more than anything enjoys life.

Here is everything about Liz Claman that will get you inspired.

Liz Claman Personal Life

Claman’s personal life is somewhat very iconic even though it’s relatively simple. She lives a healthy life with a husband who is also a journalist.

But it is her virtues that set Liz apart.

The Fox Business Network anchor is married to Jeff Kepnes, who professionally serves as a senior executive producer for MSNBC at the moment.  

Claman and Kepnes met for the first time back in the 90s, and as the relationship got more serious, both decided to take the next big step.

In 1999, Liz and Jeff married each other in a gorgeous wedding ceremony. Surrounded by loved ones, Liz and Jeff exchanged their vows and became husband and wife.

Even now, their love sets new relationship goals bars. Jeff never misses any anniversary and sends his wife flowers even when she is not home.

Liz Claman Family: Children

Just a few years after getting married, Liz and Jeff welcomed their first child together, a daughter born in 2002.

Claman and Kepnes named their daughter Gabrielle. After a couple of years later, in 2005, Liz and Jeff welcomed another baby together, and this time, a boy.

Born in 2005, Claman and Kepnes named their son Julian.

Liz Claman, husband, Jeff Kepnes and children
Liz Claman, husband, Jeff Kepnes and children. (

Both of their children are currently teenagers and like to spend time with family and share powerful virtues, and there is a reason why.

Liz Claman and Husband: Raising Children

Claman and her husband firmly agree that giving their children what they want is their foremost priority but with caution.

According to Liz, although she does not restrict her children from their wants, she makes sure that they understand the value of the dollar.

Claman and her husband believe that to raise well-behaved children; people must inflict the importance of money from a young age. Not that people should have their kids do jobs but instead, make them realise what their parents did to make their wish come true.

Liz Claman Bio: Age, Parents, Childhood

Famous Fox Business Network anchor Liz Claman was born on December 12, 1963, in Beverly Hills, California.

According to Liz, she has Russian and Romanian ancestry embedded since her grandparents were Russian and Romanian immigrants to the United States.

Liz’s father served as a surgeon and most of her life, Liz grew up in a very comfortable lifestyle.

Everything thing that Liz teaches her children is something that Liz herself learnt from her father.

Liz Claman Career and Net Worth

Standing at a rather tall height, Liz Claman started her career after graduating from the University of California. Her first job was at KCBS as a production Assistant and News Associate in 1986.

During her career, Liz has worked in several networks such as WSYX-TV, WEWS-TV, and WHDH-TV.

Apart from that, Liz worked with CBS as a News Anchor for nine years (1998-2007) until feeling monotonous and leaving the network for a change.

Since 2007, Liz joined the Fox Business Network and has been working as an anchor ever since.

As of now, Liz Claman enjoys a massive net worth of reportedly $3 million. However, the numbers remain suspicious until Claman confirms it.