Steve Doocy is a man of absolute integrity and charm. So much so that there are people who consider him as an idol and someone who they look up. 

Now, all the charm actually comes from outside the work because Steve is a very happy man. All that thanks to his personal life. 

Here is all about Steve Doocy and the personal life that makes him incredibly happy. 

Who Is Fox’s, Steve Doocy? Bio, Age, Background

The highly talented Steve Doocy was born on October 19, 1956, in Iowa, United States. At the moment, Steve Doocy is already 63 years old.

Doocy was born to father James Edward Doocy, and mother JoAnne Sharp, and the family had a mixed background.

Steve’s father's side of the family has Irish roots, whereas his maternal side family has Swedish Descent. 

Born and raised in America, Steve is an American with mixed backgrounds. 

Steve, who was born in Iowa, later moved to Kansas with his family and began attending Kansas Grade Schools. After that, Steve joined further schooling in Wakefield. 

After high school graduation, Steve enrolled at the University of Kansas from where he graduated with a BS in Journalism.

Fox & Friends’ Steve Doocy Personal Life – Who Is Wife?

As mentioned before, it is actually Steve’s personal life that gives him such energy. Even at the age of 63, Steve remains a very energetic man. That is large because of the wonderful wife he has.

Steve Doocy is married to Kathy Doocy.

Steve Doocy and wife on Valentine's Day, 1986.
Steve Doocy and wife on Valentine's Day, 1986. (

Professionally, Kathy previously remained as a dedicated mom who liked cooking nice and healthy food for her family.

That later led Kathy Doocy to write books, alongside her husband Steve who enjoyed cooking as well. 

Kathy is the co-author of The Happy Cookbook that she published in 2018. Another book Kathy co-authored, is called The Happy in a Hurry Cookbook that she published in 2020. 

When Did Steve Doocy and Wife Kathy Doocy Marry?

Steve and Kathy’s love and romance date back to the ‘80s or beyond. On February 14, 1986, on Valentine’s Day, Steve proposed to Kathy to marry him. 

Steve’s Valentine’s Day proposal was an absolute success as Kathy said yes.

A couple of months later, on June 30, 1986, Steve Doocy and Kathy married each other. 

Steve Doocy and wife Kathy Doocy in 1986.
Steve Doocy and wife Kathy Doocy in 1986. (

At the moment, it is already 34 years since Steve and Kathy married each other. 

Steve Doocy and Wife Kathy’s Children, Family

After marrying in 1986, Steve Doocy and Kathy began their own little family. 

Steve Doocy and Kathy Doocy have three children together. They have two daughters named Mary Doocy and Sally Doocy.

Finally, the couple also has a son together named Peter Doocy.

Steve Doocy with wife Kathy Doocy and children
Steve Doocy with wife Kathy Doocy and children. (

Peter walked into his father’s footsteps and began a career in journalism right after college. 

At the moment, Peter works as a Fox Correspondent and sometimes appears alongside his father. 

Steve Doocy Career, Work, Salary, Net Worth

In journalism, Steve began his career way early. Not directly, but Steve remained connected. 

As a young boy, Steve began delivering morning newspapers to homes. From there, he kind of began his career in journalism. 

When of age, Steve began working as an anchor for WCBS-TV and later moved to NBC Cable. At NBC, Steve began hosting House Party with Steve Doocy. 

After many years old working with NBC, Steve joined Fox News in 1996, and since then, he is with the show, appearing in Fox & Friends. 

Steve is also a dedicated republican, and the current president Donald Trump actually ranked Steve 12/10 in terms of reporter loyalty. 

At the moment, Steve also enjoys a massive salary of $4 million from the Fox network. With such a massive salary, Steve has a massive net worth of $11 million. 

Steve and Kathy live in a very beautiful home in Wyckoff, New Jersey, where he is surrounded by family most of the time.