Quick question. Do you have a tattoo? If yes, great and if no is then great as well. For those of you who already have a tattoo and looking for a new one and also the ones who are pondering to get a tattoo, Beau Brennan is here to inspire.

The Geordie Shore newest addition Beau Brennan has all the art needed in his body, and you can have all the ideas you want for your first or next tattoo.

Here is everything about Beau, the smoking hot, ink-covered, handsome hunk that women go crazy over.

Beau Brennan Early Life: Biography, Age

Beau Brennan was born on July 27, 1994, in Newcastle and spent a majority of his childhood there. Beau is currently 25 years old. According to his birth details, Beau’s zodiac sign is Leo.

Beau was born to mother Angie Doughty and as far as family goes, he has a brother named Harvey Brennan.

As a teen, building things or getting involved in such activities attracted him. This eventually led Beau, who is 25 years old but way mature for his age, to pursue a career as an engineer.

The Whitley Bay native who currently lives in Whales has a massive fan following on his Instagram account, which has more than 100 thousand followers.

Beau went to the Traviglas Community College in 2007 and graduated two years later with a degree.

While most 25-year-olds are working a 9-5 job at the moment, Beau is past that phase.

Personal Life: Girlfriend, Dating

Now, does this unbelievable handsome star has a girlfriend or is the slot empty for ladies out there to fill?

As far as our knowledge, Beau is dating someone right now, despite his reason not.

Beau said that as an alpha male, he does not like someone being in charge or his life or in simple words, remaining “tied down” is not his scenario.

Keeping that aside, Beau posted a picture with a very charming and attractive looking woman most recently. While any picture where ladies surround Beau is not something new, this post stands out.

In the caption area, Beau gave this photo a red heart emoji. Do you know who that gorgeous lady is? Her name is Bethan Kershaw, another Geordie Shore member.

Beau Brennan and Bethan Kershaw
Beau Brennan and Bethan Kershaw. (Instagram.com)

Could this mean she is his girlfriend? Is Beau dating? Go down on his Instagram­ and bomb the comment section asking Beau. For all we know, they are dating 100%.

Beau Brennan Career

After graduating from college, Beau joined the British Army as an Engineering Surveyor in 2010. After working there for around four years, he left the Army and took another job.

In 2014, Beau joined the Scopus Engineering Ltd. as a Dimensional Control Surveyor. Apart from Scopus, Beau remains associated with other organizations as well.

Apart from Scopus, Beau associates with BAM Nuttall as a section engineer and as a site engineer as well.

However, most recently, his career made a shift towards reality TV show. In April of 2019, Beau’s entrance in MTV UK’s Geordie Shore shook everyone.

The heavily tattooed hunk easily steals the show, makes it look like a child’s job.

Beau Brennan’s Tattoos

Beau Brennan claims that he has tattoos all over his body except for the face we see and you know, the other area. Yes ladies, raise your eyebrows.

Beau Brennan tattoos
Beau Brennan tattoos. (Instagram.com)

In most recent Instagram posts, Beau went butt naked, just holding a towel that barely covers his weenie but we reckon that’s the plan he went for.

Regardless, the artwork on his body is immaculate and super sexy. Beau revealed in an interview that he shed bug lumps of money on getting all those artworks inked on his body and it's all paying off.


Beau says that his body is the ultimate ice breaker when talking with girls as they find all the tattoos very attractive and sexy.