He’s a strategic consultant, author, political advisor, and a very handsome young man. It’s Gianno Caldwell, who fits all of these titles and descriptions. 

But there’s a slight problem with all of this. As famous and publicly liked Gianno remains, there’s not much about his personal life.

There are all kinds of rumors flying around about Gianno. One of those rumors is about his sexuality.

Is Gianno Caldwell Gay? Let’s find out along with other facts about him. 

Gianno Caldwell Bio, Age, Background

Author and political consultant Gianno Caldwell were born on December 27, 1986, in Chicago, United States. At the moment, GIanno’s age is 33 years old.

Born in Chicago, Gianno stayed in the state for most of his life. Gianno’s parents belong to black ethnicity, and so does he. 

Growing up, Gianno also became an avid supporter of equal rights and fought against racism.

Growing up, Gianno went to Chicago State University from where he graduated with a degree in Psychology in 2009.

After that, Caldwell enrolled at Grand Canyon University from where he graduated with a Bachelor of Science, Psychology Degree in 2010.

At the moment, Gianno lives in Los Angeles.

Fox News’ Gianno Caldwell, Girlfriend/Wife? Who Is She?

Cutting to the chase, Gianno is a single man right now as he isn’t dating nor is married with a wife. That is right, ladies. 

But hold on. Is that a green signal?

Till this point, the only girlfriend that Gianno has ever publicly mentioned was back in 2018 when he made an Instagram post.

In the Instagram post, Caldwell talked about spending time with his girlfriend since 2009 and how they didn’t see much of each other.

Fast-forward, it was a false alarm.

The girlfriend that Caldwell mentioned about dating since 2009 was his Italian 40 Caliber gun. 

Have to say, he got everyone for the first half there. 

So does this mean Caldwell is gay?

Is Gianno Caldwell From Fox News Gay?

At the moment, the answer is now. Gianno Caldwell is not a gay man. While there’s no evidence that supports either claims that say he is and he isn’t a gay, facts suggest he isn’t 

Now, get your Sherlock Holmes hats on because there’s some detective work here.

Firstly, when Caldwell talked about his romance with his Italian 40 caliber gun, he mentioned it as his girlfriend.

One point that suggests that he isn’t gay.

Secondly, responding to a tweet where a person asked if Caldwell was getting married, he replied, “I need a girlfriend first (cry out loud emoji.”

This sets the matter straight. In both cases, Gianno used the word girlfriend. Not partner, or spouse. Specifically, girlfriend.

Now, it’s up to you to decide.

Gianno Caldwell Career, Book, Fox News

Before anything, Caldwell began his career as a student intern at the Social Security Administration in 2003. 

In that government administration, Caldwell got promoted to Legal Analyst in 2007 and then to Senior Legal Analyst in 2009.

In 2010, Gianno became the Director of Government Relations followed by becoming a Legislative Associate at the Illinois State Treasurer’s Office.

In 2012, Caldwell became a Press Advance for Romney for President Inc and then did an internship at Congressman John Shimkus.

In 2014, Caldwell founded Caldwell Strategic Consulting that looks after legislative policies.

Gianno has also served as a contributor for The Hill, The Washington Times, Extratv.

In 2017, Caldwell joined Fox News as a Fox News Political Analyst. 

Apart from an extensive career in the legislative field, Caldwell is also an author. His book Taken For Granted: How Conservatism Can Win Back the Americans That Liberalism Failed in 2019.