Ginger Lee is the Good Morning America’s meteorologist who enjoys working. She rarely takes leave and holidays as she loves her job. She reports the nation’s weather on “Good Morning America” broadcasted in ABC News. Moreover, she is also the host of the ABC News original digital series namely “Food Forecast”. 

Ginger has covered extreme weather conditions ranging from the Boston blizzard to the record-breaking heat in Death Valley as well as news regarding tornado, hurricane, dozens of historic storms, floods, and wildfires.

The woman, who is always chasing storms and tornados, is lucky when it comes to her love life. Ginger, who is a very hardworking meteorologist, is a very loving wife and mother behind the cameras. Here is an insight into the love and family life of Ginger Zee. 

Blissful Love Life With Husband: How They Met?

Ginger married her boyfriend Ben Aron who is the host of the talk show Pickler and Ben. 

Their cute love story began in New York. They first met in the Soul cycle. At that time, Ginger was at Soul Cycle to support Robin Roberts who was in undergoing treatment of cancer whereas Ben Aaron was with his friend Amy Freeze. Ben had noticed Ginger while they both were in Soul Cycle. After the class ended, Ben and Amy were accompanied by Ginger as she was Amy’s friend. Amy and Ginger used to live in the same building in New York.

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Ginger and Ben began their conversation as they walked by. They were so drowned into their conversation that they lost their way. In the meantime, Ben was covered with the thought that there was no way of Ginger to be single. Similarly, Ginger was also thinking that if he was straight and not gay he may have a girlfriend or maybe married and does not wear a ring. 

Ginger Zee along with her husband, Ben Aron, on the carpet of The Morning Show. (Photo: Ginger's Instagram)

Amy, who is the mutual friend of the duo, had provided an email of Ben to Ginger. Ginger mailed Ben for the very first time, where she insisted on being just friends, as she didn’t want to jump right in the relationship so early. As time passed by, they started getting closer and went on a date. Their first date took place in Lincoln Center where they even had their first kiss. 

After two days of their date, Ginger broke up with her boyfriend Ben. While they were not in contact with each other, Ginger was 24 hr on television for five long days for the coverage of the hurricane. After a couple of days, Ginger sees Ben on TV and text him “I hate it not having you in my life”. She had a certain realization that she could have let Ben come a little bit closer. Eventually, the duo got back again and went out a couple of times. 

Right before Christmas, Ginger again broke up with Ben. After two months, Ben saw Ginger in the News where she looked stunning and he even texted her that her hair looks beautiful. At that point, Ginger was ready to take a step towards a relationship. Subsequently, after being together for 7-8 months of their relationship, they got engaged. 

Their relation as a couple became more strong and the pair tied the knot on 7th June 2014 at Bay Harbor on Saturday. Her beautiful gown was from the Kleinfeld, Manhattan. She even had custom-designed shoes sweet and stormy just like her. For her wedding day, she had vintage tornado broach on her heels while for her reception, she had cloud designs on her shoes which even consisted of rainbow. 

Children Of Ginger Zee

Ginger Zee and her husband Ben Aron have two kids together. Their elder son, Adrian Benjamin, was born on December 19, 2015, whereas their younger child, Miles Macklin, was born on February 9, 2018. 

Ginger has a very strong connection with her husband and children. She is supportive and encouraging as a wife. Ginger and Ben, as life partners, are relishing their married life and are very great father and mother. They feel fortunate to have the presence of each other in the journey of life and also for having two wonderful kids. 

Ginger Zee with her family; husband Ben and sons Adrian and Miles. (Photo: Ben's Instagram)

38 years old Ginger was also struggling with anorexia from the age of 10 into her early teens. Despite the fact that she has been trying to overcome it, the seed of anorexia keeps on challenging her. 

Sarcastically, Ginger has shut down the speculation that she was pregnant after a viewer tweeted on November 26, 2019, that the dress she wore on the show revealed a baby bump.

Net Worth & Many More

According to wiki, astonishing television host Ginger Zee collects the annual salary of $500 thousand. Passionate about her work, she even enjoys the net worth of about $3 million. 

Ginger was born on January 13, 1981, and she holds an American nationality. She has gathered her University degree in meteorology from Valparaiso University. 

Talking about her height she stands tall at the height of about 5 feet and 7 inches. 

She is also the author of the books like Chasing Helicity Through The Storm, Into The Wind, Chasing Helicity, Natural Disaster, etc.