Married At First Sight star Hayley Vernon is a free-spirited on-screen and off-screen. She is one of the bold contestants of the American reality show who is certainly not hesitant to show her wild side on-screen.

The waitress-turned-finance broker, Hayley isn’t ashamed of her past. Recently, she confessed to her fellow contestants by opening up about her intimacy with her husband, letting her fellow brides to suspect that she may be pregnant.

Relationship With Husband

The self-proclaimed bodybuilder, Hayley Vernon is married to David Cannon on Married At First Sight. Ever since the duo has been paired for the experiment, they have had some heated arguments, fun and some emotional moments together.

Recently, the reality star addressed the pregnancy rumors on the show letting other contestants suspect on her pregnancy. After revealing to the other newlyweds about the intimacy that the pair had, she reflected on her and David’s lovemaking during the pre-dinner cocktail party on Wednesday’s episode.

Hayley Vernon with her TV husband, David Cannon, during the pre-dinner cocktail party on Wednesday’s episode. (Photo: Nine Network)

Hayley and her husband David’s relationship has been dramatic ever since their honeymoon. Meanwhile, Hayley even revealed that their relationship is in the verge of end. In an interview with New Idea, she opened up that being on the show is “so mentally and physically draining.”

Well, she was also pictured with a mysterious man after cheating allegations. Hours after being evicted from the show, Hayley was seen smiling with a mystery guy. This wasn’t the first time when she was claimed to be cheating; she previously hooked up with fellow MAFS star Michael several times.

Hayley Vernon’s Net Worth

There is no doubt that Hayley assembles an amazing payroll as a contestant of the American reality show, Married At First Sight. According to celebrity publicist Max Markson, MAFS stars can assemble up to $300,000 per year and can maximize their profile as much as they can. Hayley is one of the seven contestants that Max has on his book to increase the profile and income.

Previously, she worked as a topless waitress and has admitted that she made a great money from her job. However, she landed a lucrative job as a finance broker in 2018 and started to earn revenue from her new profession.

You might not know but Hayley has spent $4000 for a boob job in Thailand. She even has inked several tattoos on her body, which is believed to cost upwards of $10,000. 


The reality star Hayley Vernon is a finance broker by profession. Previously, she worked as a topless waitress. She is from Melbourne, Victoria and is currently at the age of 32.

Hayley stands tall at the height of 5 feet 9 inches (175 centimetres). From the age of 16, she was a drug addict for almost 10 years. She was able to battle the addiction with health and fitness.