The famous American singer and songwriter India Arie revealed how she turned down a man for marriage. 

The funny or not so funny thing is that Arie initially said yes to the marriage proposal. However, a week or so later, India said to her partner that she could not marry him.

Here’ the reason why she did what she did. 

India Arie Almost Married

The Grammy Award-winning singer began dating a man in 2010s, and the couple quickly fell in love. 

As per India, she loved that man as well. 

Unfortunately, Arie likes to keep the identity of her former partner a secret. 

Later, Arie’s boyfriend proposed to her and asked her to marry him.

Since India Arie loved her boyfriend and wanted marriage as well, she said yes. 

However, a week or so later, Arie called off the engagement after she confessed to her partner that she could not marry him. 

Arie also revealed the reason why she canceled her relationship with her to-be spouse. 

Why Arie Cancelled Wedding and Cancelled Engagement

India Arie, the “Little Things” singer, is a firm believer in her intuitions. 

India claims that there’s one intuition that she trusts; her tingling sensations.

Let’s learn what that actually is. 

While some people tend to get signs about their near future or present from their dreams, Arie gets it from tingling in her hand/arms.

According to Arie, after making a crucial decision, if she starts getting a tingling sensation in her right hand/arm, it’s a no.

If the tingling sensation happens to her right side and goes towards her right side of the head, it’s a “super yes.”

On the flip side, if she feels tingling on her left side, it’s a positive sign.

After India said yes to marriage when her boyfriend asked, she began feeling tingling sensations on her right arm.

Over the week, the tingling sensation turned into a rash, and that’s when India knew she could not marry her boyfriend. 

Like real adults, she talked with her husband-to-be that she loved very much and called off the engagement. 

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Did Aria Make The Right Decision

This obviously comes as a very superstitious thing for many people. 

However, Arie strongly believes that she made the right decision by ending her relationship.

As Arie said, she takes signs from her nervous system. 

When it comes to thinking if she did make the right decision, Arie is quite positive on that matter. 

India Arie and Chris Tucker Affair

Apart from COVID-19, Arie’s affair with Chris Tucker became one of the significant highlights of early 2020.

However, it later came to light that things were not as they came upfront.

In June, news surfaced that India Arie, and Chris Tucker, the Rush Hour actor who married Azja Pryor, were dating from the past 13 years.

A large number of fans claimed that Arie and Tucker had a romantic relationship that was on for over 13 years.

Persuasive pictures surfaced as well. In a very short span of time, this subject became trending on Twitter, went around from one place to the other like wildfire.

Aria woke up the other morning to find the whole of twitter buzzing about her low-key affair with Chris Tucker.

Naturally, she was absolutely amused. 

The “Brown Skin" singer made some tweets that went on to clear those rumors.

Initially, Arie shared her astonishment regarding the rumor in humor, accompanied by some funny GIFs. 

Later, Arie revealed that she and Tucker have a past together.

Soooo, NO. I Do not date @christuckerreal ~ we went on A date or 2 ... apparently that was 13 years ago? I really don’t remember Lol

— India.Arie (@indiaarie) June 5, 2020

However, she revealed that there was nothing between her and Tucker. Arie stated that she and Chris Tucker went on a couple of dates, and that was the whole scene. 

Long answer short, India and Chris Tucker are not dating and certainly haven’t mingled from the past 13 years.  

What Is India Arie’s Age? Wiki, Bio, Height

India Arie was born on October 3, 1975, in Denver, Colorado, United States. 

At the moment, India Arie’s age is 44 years old. She has a height of 5.7 ft. 

India Arie was born to father Ralph Simpson and mother, Joyce Simpson. Arie’s full and real name is India Arie Simpson. 

Arie is the middle child among three children that Ralph and Joyce had.

Arie received a lot of encouragement from her parents to pursue music mainly because her mother Joyce, was a former singer. 

Even though her parents divorced when Arie was only 14, they never stopped supporting her musical career.

Arie went to Savannah College of Art and Design, and that’s her Alma Mater as well. 

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What Is India Arie’s Net Worth?

In 2001, India released “Acoustic Soul,” her debut album, which resulted in becoming a massive success.

In 2002, India released another album called “Voyage to India.” It received Grammy Award for Best R&B Album in 2003. 

Since then, India released several other albums such as “Testimony: Vol. 1, Life & Relationship in 2006.”

As a sequel, in 2009, Arie released another album called “Testimony: Vol 2, Love & Politics.”

In 2013, India released “Songversation,” followed by “Christmas with Friends.” In 2017, Arie released an EP album called “SongVersation: Medicine.”

Her most recent album is called Worthy.

Over the years, Arie has earned massive fortune. In 2020, Arie has a gigantic net worth of $4.5 million. 

Arie earns her fortune through selling music, doing tours/concerts.