In September of 2015, Darren Knight posted a video titled “Southern Mom Pickin’ em Kids Up From School” to his Facebook.

That was it—the rising point for Darren Knight and his Southern Momma alter-ego impersonation.

But the kind of impersonation that Knight does has led to some questions around. People are starting to ask if Darren Knight is Gay.

Let’s find out

Is Darren Knight Gay?

The short and simple answer here is no. But let’s not jump to conclusions just yet.

However, it’s valid for people to assume that Knight is a gay man. After all, the impersonation raises all kinds of suspicions.

Darren Knight has been in the spotlight since his video of Southern Momma, inspired by his real-life Southern mother and grandmother, took off.

But since then, there’s been a couple of rumors running around that Darren is a homosexual man.

Well, the news isn’t confirmed yet, that’s just something that’s been running around people for a very long time now.

The reason that we earlier stated that Darren Knight is not gay is that he has not publicly said so.

Without Knight talking openly about his sexuality, there’s no point in labeling him as a gay man who’s secretly hiding his LGBTQ lifestyle.

What seems to be the main reason for all these Darren Knight gay rumors is because of his privately kept personal life.

But is it private, though?

Darren Knight Girlfriend, Dating Relationship Status

So, what is Knight’s relationship status?

There’s actually a debate on this one here.

In February of 2020, Knight posted a picture with a gorgeous woman on his Instagram.

Of course, Knight posts pictures with a lot of beautiful women. What was interesting about this post was the date.

Knight made the post with this lady on Valentine’s Day. It was February 14.

Darren Knight alleged girlfriend.
Darren Knight alleged girlfriend. (

Now, hold your horses just yet. This doesn’t necessarily mean that this wonderful woman is Darren’s girlfriend or even wife.

Fans have posted comments on this picture claiming that she is not Knights girlfriend and again, making speculations that he is homosexual.

The picture, however, looks pretty great and promising as well.

But the conflicting part is this.

There’s nothing else other than Knight wishing Valentine’s Day only. Could it be that she’s just a fan at one of his shows?

It’ll all have to wait until Knight decides to clear up things regarding his sexuality and relationship status.

How Did Darren Knight Become Famous?

Although many like to watch Knights’ extremely funny stand shows and short videos that he posts on his social media, many of them do not know where it all began.

If you already know, then you’re one awesome person.

But, there’s no shame in not knowing.

As mentioned earlier, Southern Momma began when Knight decided to post a video in which he shows how Southern moms allegedly pick their kids from school.

The video blew up initially with a couple of thousand shares.

Within one week, Knight’s video had already amassed over 500,000 views on Facebook.

After his video blew up on the internet, Knight, who was overwhelmed with people’s positive reaction and support, began posting regularly in his alter-ego Southern Momma self.

An alter-ego that Darren says is inspired by his mother Donna Hill and his grandmother Faye Edwards. 

Darren Knight with mother and grandmother.
Darren Knight with mother (left) and grandmother (right). (

After some time, Knight began his career as a stand-up comedian.

Knight is also the fastest rising comedian in the history of America.

In 2018, Variety listened to him in the top 10 comics to watch for that year.

On a similar note, people have compared Knight to Jeff Foxworthy, a veteran comedian of age 61.

Southern Momma Shows

Fueled by the internet success that Knight got, he soon began traveling, doing shows after shows.

Knight does more than ten shows in a month, across the country.

In 2020 only, Knight has tours till December, that is if the Pandemic goes away by then.

You can find Southern Momma tour details right here.

These days, Knight does not emphasize his Southern Momma side during his stand-up performances that much.

In an interview, Knight said how he wants to give his audiences a true comedy experience.

Moreover, his audience is starting to see a large number of women over time, as he has changed his comedy format.

Southern Momma Darren Knight Age, Family

Famous comedian Darren Knight was born on March 14, 1986, in Alabama. At the moment, Darren Knight’s Age is 34 years.

Darren was born to mother Donna Hill and father Jeffery Robin Knight as Darren Jeffery Knight.

Darren has two sisters.

Darren was always a very comic personality who often made people laugh.

While attending Southside High School, Darren would always make people laugh, and everyone considered him a class clown, and he loved it.

After graduating from high school in 2005, Darren began serving tables at Applebee.

From there, Knight joined a dealership team and began selling cars.

Although his career as a comedian is running smoothly, Darren joined real estate school and hoped to begin selling houses.

Darren Knight Net Worth

As a young boy, Darren began serving tables at a restaurant.

When he felt that he need to up his earning a little, he joined a car sales team and began selling cars.

Since his career as a stand-comedian has flourished, thanks to that 2015 Facebook video, Darren earns pretty heftily these days.

Knight is constantly on the road, doing shows, running around, doing some more shows.

At the moment, Darren has a net worth that ranges above $1,000,000.

Knight also earns from selling merchandise. On his website, Knight has a variety of merchandise like mugs, tank tops, t-shirts, and more.