Some people make a massive buzz in their related work field. However, there are also people like Isha Sesay out there.

What makes Isha Sesay a very intriguing personality? Well, she does her work in a very low-profile manner but still gets her message delivered.

Here, learn more about Isha Sesay and her personal life. From bio and age to personal life and career/salary.

Isha Sesay Personal Life, Married, Husband

Isha Sesay was previously married to a man named Leif Coorlim, and the couple pursued a very happy married life as well.

However, things did become eternal for the couple. But before jumping to that, let’s talk about everything from the very beginning.

During her days working at CNN office Atlanta, Isha came across and met Leif Coorlim. Both became friends with each other, and that was it for a couple of years.

Even though Sesay and Coorlim met each other in 2008, it took them four years to become more than friends and begin dating each other. In 2011, Sesay asked Coorlim out for a drink; things began moving for them.

Fast forward, after approximately two years of dating, Isha and Leif decided to marry each other. Sesay and Coorlim planned for an outdoor wedding for a long-time, however, after on CNN meteorologist said that the weather would not be suitable, they planned an indoor wedding last minute.

Isha Sesay and husband Leif Coorlim on wedding day.
Isha Sesay and husband Leif Coorlim on wedding day. (

Sesay and Coorlim married in Buckhead where they were surrounded by CNN colleagues like Jen Delgado, Don Lemon, and others.

Isha Sesay and Husband Leif Coorlim Divorce

In an interview about her wedding, Isha passionately discussed her husband and what she admired the most in him was his kindness.

Isha also stated that she married the man of her dreams [Leif], and she was very happy. Similarly, Leif also shared the same way about their union as well.

However, Sesay and Coorlim did not spend much time together as a married couple as their marriage came to an end.

A couple of years after the wedding, things began to change between the couple, and eventually, Sesay and Coorlim divorced each other.

At the moment, it remains unknown if Isha is dating anyone or not. Does she have a secret boyfriend?

Isha Sesay Bio, Age, Family, Ethnicity

The former CNN Correspondent Isha Sesay was born on January 6, 1976, in London, England.

Sesay was born to mother Kadi Sesay and father Mamud Sesay as Isha Isatu Sesay. The reason why Isha’s name is a bit unique is because of her roots of different ethnicity.

Born in London, Isha shares Sierra roots as her parents belong from that geographical region.

Talking about her family, Isha has two siblings, one older sister, and one younger brother.

At the moment, Isha is already 44 years old and has won a Peabody award during her career at CNN.

Academically, Isha went to Fourah Bay College School, located in Freetown, and later went to Trinity College Cambridge. While Sesay initially wanted to become an actress, she later found her passion lie in journalism.

Sesay joined CNN in 2005 and began working as an anchor. In 2018, 13 years later, Isha left the network. During her time at CNN, Isha earned a handsome salary as well.

While Isha pursued her career, she also authored a book called “Under the Tamarind Tree.” Most recently, Sesay also authored another book based on Chibok Girls.