Jack Monroe, a diverse personality who writes about whatever that is impactful and also cooks! However, she specifically focus in food, journalism and social advocacy touching subjects like poverty issues, hunger relief and any other critical matter that needs to be shed light upon.

However, there’s enough on what this spectacular woman already does. What really pecks the minds of her fans is her personal life. Who is she dating? What is her sexuality, lesbian or straight? All that will finally come to an end now. Keep reading and the personal details that only few have to offer shall be at your disposal.


Who Is She Dating?

Before learning about who she is dating, one must be familiar with what exactly is her sexuality. With unmistakable androgynous looks, many consider her to be a lesbian. If you are reading this and guessed that, then you are absolutely RIGHT! Well, sort of.

Jack Monroe is in fact a lesbian and yes, she is dating. The 30 years old who revealed about her a critical yet personal issue which shall be addressed later, is not only dating but very blissfully engaged to her long-time beau. Want to meet her?

Caption: Jack Monroe and Louisa Crompton. (Mirror.com)

The woman that this British born writer of age 30 is engaged to is Louisa Crompton. Maybe that didn’t ring a bell as expected. It’s because Louisa Crompton, the girlfriend-turned-fiancee to Jack is a BBC TV producer mostly doing her magic behind camera. However, that doesn’t mean she’s any less.

Might have heard about “Victoria Derbyshire,” she is the launch editor for it. Moreover, as per Louisa’s LinkedIn profile, she is also the executive editor for BBC News and has been in the network for over a decade after joining in 2005.

The couple recently shook social media platform and the internet itself after sharing news of their engagement on January 18th, 2019. Jack took a picture of two hands, one of her own and another of Louisa, both bearing staggering diamond rings. Revealing to the world that they are ENGAGED!

When are they getting married? Well, the couple have been together and dating for more or less 2 years but rarely made it public. So, the wedding bells may be ringing but very gently so. She just might drop wedding date as a surprise for fans, similar to what she did with engagement.

As much joy Jack has right now, a couple of years ago was something unexpectedly opposite for her.

The Personal Issue

The personal issue that was mentioned earlier came just some time ago in late 2018. She revealed that she suffered from alcoholism and gender identity crisis. Coming out as a lesbian at age 15, it’s approximately half her life living as an out and proud lesbian and now as a transgender.

After coming out, she started facing the side of her which she never knew she had. After seeking help and steaming her way out of life with alcohol. In October, 2015, she revealed herself to be a transgender.

While many may think that Louisa is the first for Jack; she isn’t. Jack was previously engaged to a fellow chef cum writer Allgera McEvedy with whom she shares a son. The love grew sour when Jack’s transgender side became public, at least that’s what it looks like.

Anyways, Jack is at her best possible state in her life with new fiancée Louisa and that is all what matters.