Jade Cline has a lot to share. The Teen Mom 2 star who replaced Jenelle Evans and her husband David Eason is the person we talk about today.

She replaced Jenelle after MTV fired her and her husband David Eason when Eason killed Jenelle’s French Bulldog in cold blood.


Jade Cline, unlike others, is a real teen mom and here is everything about Cline and her life.

Jade Cline: Biography, Age, Early Life, Parents

American TV personality Jade Cline was born on June 10, 1997, in the States. At the moment, Jade is 22 years old, and as mentioned, she became a teen mother as she welcomed her daughter at the age of 19.

Jade grew up in a very troubled childhood environment. Her father committed suicide when Jade was just about six months old. She claims that her father never really loved her enough to be around.

Cline’s mother remarried, and Cline received a second at having a father. However, this time, luck did not favor her as well. As she grew up began to understand things, Cline started noticing everything wrong with her parents.

In early 2019, Cline received a message that her parents were in confinement. Even though Cline tried to stay positive during all these turmoil, her stepfather did not seem to care too much about her.

She shared how her step-father once came banging on her door at 1 in the morning. Although Jade loves her parents and worries about them constantly, she shares disappointment on how her parents never loved her enough to stay clean.

At the moment, Jade is gaining success, but she also has PTSD from all the past trauma from her childhood.

However, Cline remains vehemently determined about giving her daughter the life she deserves.

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Jade Cline Personal Life, Daughter – Who Is Baby Daddy?

We talked about how Jade Cline is an actual person who became a teen mom. With no records of attending high school whatsoever, Jade Cline sure is a mystery.

Also, she became pregnant and welcomed a beautiful baby girl at the age of 19. She named her daughter Kloie Kenna Austin.

Jade Cline and daughter Kloie Kenna Austin
Jade Cline and daughter Kloie Kenna Austin. (Instagram.com

While all of this worked out, there is still something missing.

Her baby daddy.

Cline began her relationship with a man named Sean Austin. The couple started dating in their teenage, and from their relationship, Cline got pregnant.

Jade Cline and ex-boyfriend Sean Austin
Jade Cline and ex-boyfriend Sean Austin. (popculture.com)

Sean Austin remains a pretty absent father, and everyone thinks so because Cline does not post any pictures with him on her Instagram or Twitter account.

This is mostly because of Sean’s substance abuse, which also is a major contributing factor for their on and off the relationship.

As of February 2019, Cline revealed that the couple are officially no longer together. Cline works herself to provide for herself and her daughter.

What is Jade Cline’s Profession? Job, Salary, Net Worth

Primarily, Jade Cline is a TV personality and has a wide array of followers. People admire her for the courage she displays for raising a daughter as a single parent.

On the side note, Jade is also a beauty influencer. She is a certified cosmetologist as she graduated from a beauty school back in 2013.

With that said, Jade Cline is also a massive social media influencer with over 350 thousand followers on Instagram. She does photo shoots and promotional ads.

All these acts as a different channel of income source. While Cline does not reveal her salary or incomes from her different sources, tabloids believe her net worth is very limited.

In June, Jade Cline faced a lawsuit after she failed to pay $1000 in credit card bills on time. However, since she is a part of Teen Mom 2 now, this situation won’t come up again.

Jade Cline Instagram and Twitter

You can follow Jade Cline on both famous social media platform of this date.

Jade Cline is on Instagram as jadecline_ with more than 350 thousand followers.

Jade Cline is on twitter as @jade_desere, with more than 50 thousand followers