Jason Tartick makes you women swoon out there, don’t deny that. But unfortunately, this hunk is not available for anyone except one.

If you have watched the Bachelor or The Bachelorette, we don’t have to fill you on his romantic life.

But what we do need to do is fill you up on who Jason Tartick is, his profession, bio, age, height and all sort of orthodox information.

Because if you follow him, you might as well know more about him.

 Who Is Jason Tartick?

For starters, Jason Tartick is a celebrity who appeared on The Bachelorette Season 14 and well, stole every woman's heart.

As an unbelievably good looking man, Jason has created himself a media platform where most recognize him.

But it has never been the same, not before he made an appearance on the ABC show. Want to know who Jason Tartick is and what is his job?

Professionally speaking, like really professionally, Jason Tartick is an American Banker. A gorgeous man who plays with money. NICE..!

Jason is currently the Vice President – Senior Middle Market Banker for Key Corporate & Commercial Bank. He joined the company back in 2010 and made his way up.

With such an extensive career, Jason surely has his net worth in millions. But the hunk has kept the exact figures a secret.

His Education

To become a vice president of a commercial bank, one needs more than the enthusiasm to play with money, and that is degrees.

But Jason has it all covered up and that too very nicely.

He attended the Williamsville East High School in 2002 and graduated with Advanced Regents Diploma in 2006.

Without any second to spare, he enrolled at the State University of New York College at Geneseo the same year he graduated from high school.

After four years, Jason graduated with a Bachelor of Science, Business administration in 2010. But he did not stop there.

In 2013, Jason enrolled for a Master’s degree at the University of Rochester – Simon Business School and graduated with Master of Business Administration (MBA), Accounting and Finance.

While his time there, he was also involved in extra activities. He became the PMBA Advisory Board Member.

Pfffew! That is just too many studies.

Where Is Jason From and what is his age?

Jason Tartick is from Buffalo, New York and was born on October 24, 1988. Jason is currently 30 years old, and his zodiac sign is Scorpio.

Jason likes to play hockey although he is not a Canadian. (Just saying) He is, in fact, a Jewish although he claims to be a mutt which roughly translates to mixed or uncertain origins.

Jason revealed that he comes from a very diverse and modern family. His father is Catholic; mother is Jewish. Over that, he has a very sweet and loving older gay brother and a brother-in-law.

Jason currently lives in the Greater Seattle area.

Relationship With Kaitlyn Bristowe

Past spoiler alert! If you haven’t watched past Bachelorette shows this is a spoiler for you.

Before Jason met Kaitlyn, he was smitten with Becca Kufrin on season 14. However, the couple eventually decided to split amicably. If they did not, meeting Jason would never have a relationship with Kaitlyn.

The couple met on a podcast called ‘off the vice’ to talk about wine and bachelorette. She came to know that listeners of her podcast felt a strong chemistry between them.

Kaitlyn took charge and the couple started dating after some time. In January 2019,  Jason and Kaitlyn went on their first date in followed by confirming their relationship the next month. Jason revealed it on The Today Show.

Jason Tartick and girlfriend Kaitlyn Bristowe
Jason Tartick and girlfriend Kaitlyn Bristowe. (Instagram)

Kaitlyn gushes on boyfriend Jason that she never met anyone like Jason and that he is her rock. The couple is planning a trip in August to Kaitlyn’s home in Canada.