Jessica Mendoza believes that life has a way of working out in unexpected ways. 

Like when her husband decided to become a stay-home day so that she could continue her career.

Here’s how Mendoza met her husband, got married, and started a beautiful family amid time-restraints. 

Jessica Mendoza Meeting Adam Burks (Husband)

Coincidently enough, Jessica met the love of her life when she attended a Southern California wedding. 

Yes, Jessica met Adam Burks during a wedding. 

It turns out that Jessica and Adam were mutual friends to the couple who were getting married in 2004. 

After meeting for the first time, both felt the spark and wanted to continue things. 

Adam stated in an interview how “he hit it off” with Jessica since the wedding and how their romance blossomed as well. 

“I met Jessica in the 2004 Olympic year. We hit it off from there, and it blossomed.”

However, there was an issue. Jessica immediately left off for the 2004 Olympics game, which was held in Greece.

Regardless of long-distance relationship hurdles, Jessica and Adam kept in touch.

“Life has a funny way of working out.”

And when Jessica returned, the couple picked things off right where they left.


Jessica and Adam Wedding

After two years of dating, Adam decided it was time for the big question. 

He asked Jessica to marry him. Got down on one knee and presented Mendoza with a beautiful ring. 

Jessica said yes to Adam’s proposal, and the couple began planning their wedding.

On November 30, 2006, Jessica Mendoza and Adam Burks married each other in California, United States of America. 

The wedding was very small, with only a handful of friends of the family attended it.


Jessica and Adam began working on their lives after their wedding. With only one change; as husband and wife.

Getting married did not change much for the couple as Jessica still had to travel frequently for her career. 

This also meant that they could not start a family right away. 

After a couple of years of wait, Jessica gave birth to their first child, a son. 

Welcoming their son Caleb Ashton Burks into the world gave both the couple overwhelming happiness. 

It was also during this time when Adam became a stay-at-home dad because Jessica received an offer to play pro softball in Florida.

The same happiness hit Adam and Jessica again when the couple welcomed their second child. 

In 2013, Jessica gave birth to Caden Adam Burks. 

Jessica Mendoza and Adam Burks' sons Caleb Burks and Caden Burks.
Caleb Burks (Left) and Caden Burks (Right). (

As of now, Caleb Burks is 11 years old, and Caden Burks is seven years old.

Who Is Adam Burks?

Adam C. Burks was born on February 25, 1969, in Washington, United States of America. 

Adam is 51 years old today, 11 years older than his wife, Jessica. 

Adam went to University High School and later joined the University of Arizona Global Campus. 

Adam Burks with his sons.
Adam Burks with his sons. (

Adam served in the U.S. Marines back in the days and also served in Desert Storm and meanwhile, took hiatus from education.

After returning from serving his country, Adam joined Eastern Washington University and completed his education. 

After graduating, Adam began working as an engineer for the city of Moorpark. 

In 2009, Adam left his job and began life as an at-home dad because he wanted Jessica to continue with her rising career as a pro softball player. 

Jessica Mendoza Salary & Net Worth

Jessica Mendoza, 5 feet 9 inches tall in height, had a brilliant career as a pro softball player. 

She achieved 4-time First Team All-American and won two medals in Olympics. 

By mid-2010s, Jessica retired as a pro-All-Star softball outfielder and began a career in broadcasting. 

Jessica joined ESPN in 2015 as a sports broadcaster. As of now, Jessica is the first female World Series analyst on a national level. 

That said, her career as a broadcaster brings in a massive salary. 

Jessica earns a massive annual salary of over $250,000 from ESPN. 

With such a massive salary, Jessica maintains an enormous net worth of $2 million.

Jessica Mendoza Short Bio: Age, Parents

Retired pro softball player Jessica Mendoza was born on November 11, 1980, In California, United States. She is 40 years old. 

Mendoza’s parents are Gil Mendoza and Karen Mendoza. 

She has one brother named Walt and two sisters named Elena and Alana. 

Jessica’s nationality is American, and she comes of Mexican descent, mixed-ethnic background.